Final Fantasy XV outdoor goods collaboration with Coleman announced

Square Enix has announced its collaboration with Coleman, with various products set to appear in Final Fantasy XV. In Final Fantasy XV camping has become an important element to the hero’s journey and so came about the adoption of Coleman branded camping equipment.

In the game itself, camping allows the player to do activities such as eat meals for bonuses and level up with their accumulated experience points. According to Square Enix, it’s become one of the most important foundations now to the game. To boost this activity, Square Enix has adopted the Coleman brand, who is well known for manufacturing outdoor goods. Coleman’s products include the party’s tent, the table and chairs and even the dishes are a product of the real world. Establishing this collaboration was decided in order to give a compelling view of a fantasy based on reality.


With the release of Final Fantasy XV Episode Duscae next week fans will be able to experience their first look at the game, and enjoy a variety of systems including camping.

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