Square Enix reveals new real-time tech demo using DirectX 12

Square Enix announced and revealed a new tech demo today known as WITCH CHAPTER 0 [cry], which has put together the latest graphics technology in DirectX 12 to present a different side of Agni’s Philosophy.

As a part of a research project that studies a variety of next generation technologies, Square Enix conducted extensive research on real-time CG technology utilizing DirectX 12 in collaboration with Microsoft and NVIDIA, makers of high-end graphics technlogy. The results of this research will be incorporated into Square Enix’s Luminous Studio engine, and is intended for use in future game development.

WITCH CHAPTER 0 [cry] was created by much of the same team who worked on Agni’s Philosophy – the next generation tech demo revealed at E3 2012.

“Our team has always pursued cutting-edge pre-rendered and real-time CG,” commented Hajime Tabata, head of the next-generation technology research project and Division Executive of Business Division II of Square Enix. “As a part of the technical development, we created this demo using world-class, real-time CG technology with generous support from leading-edge software and hardware providers – Microsoft’s Windows10/DirectX 12 and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX. The efforts from this project will power future game development as well as Final Fantasy XV, currently a work in progress.”

“Square Enix is working on this next-generation research project as a showcase for our technology and creativity which will lead the future of Square Enix,” said Yosuke Matsuda, president and representative director of Square Enix. “The results will be used to further advance the quality and technical expertise of our games. We will continue to pursue this research on cutting-edge technologies including high-end real-time graphics using the innovative DirectX 12.”

The WITCH CHAPTER 0 [cry] demo video showcased at the Microsoft Build Developer Conference can be viewed below.

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