Kingdom Hearts 3 gets a trailer with live gameplay footage

After two years since the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III’s development for both PS4 and XBox One, Square Enix have finally shared a new trailer with both a cut scene and what appears to be live gameplay. A scene between the younger selves of Masters Xehanort and Eraqus is shown, playing chess together and discussing the ancient Keyblade War. Xehanort talks about the Book of Prophecy, and the ominous words written on the last page claiming that Darkness would claim victory over Light. As they speak, the wall of the castle-like building they’re plying in is shown with some sort of coat of arms, upon which rests the dark and malicious-looking Keyblade that Master Xehanort will come to wield in his later years. Eraqus suggests that the Light could still win, and that it “may surprise” his friend. A sinister grin cross Xehanot’s face as he simply says “Oh, I hope so.”

Intermixed with this scene is footage of Sora sporting his new look, traversing a variety of environments. Part of it seems to be from the Mount Olympus world with the Rock Titan fight returning in an extended form, and some fighting is seen in Twilight Town. Another area is shown off that is grassy and mountainous, and may be the first footage from the newly-confirmed Tangled Disney world. Sora is shown being able to use many summon-like abilities like the previously seen train of light, along with a boat rising from the ground, a spinning teacup ride, and the Pegasus chariot for Hercules complete with Zeus’ bolts of lightning. It also seems the keyblade is capable of transforming both into a pair of dual lightpistols and some kind of massive laser canon. The trailer is below, and we’ll update with more information if and when it becomes available!

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