GC 2015: Tabata talks Final Fantasy XV multiplatform differences, says PC version could happen after console release

Final Fantasy XV is still in development and despite catching a glimpse of its progress with the release of Episode Duscae back in March it was clear things on the visual side were still a bit rough as anyone who played it likely saw.

Speaking with DualShockers, director Hajime Tabata shared an update on the team’s plans concerning both framerate and resolution, the trials of multiplatform console development as well as the answer to those looking for a PC release.

“The honest answer to that is that there’s obviously a dfference in specifications between the two consoles,” Tabata said. “Maybe we haven’t fully grasped how to get the full potential of each of the consoles yet. We’re still working on that. If we were gonna make it just for a single platform, and really optimize the game structure and the technology for the platform, it would be very possible to do that.

“But because we have to work on that as a multiplatform game, I still can’t quite guarantee that we’ll definitely be able to make that on all platforms.”

From a technical perspective, Tabata says they’ve already arrived at a point where they can guarantee a constant, stable framerate as he said appeared in Duscae 2.0. As for a PC release he says there’s “no current solid plan” for one because tuning for PC is different than a console title. First, the team will focus on creating the console experience for the living room because he feels “people have been waiting for the game for a long time, so it’s important to release it as soon as possible.”

Once the console versions release, then they’ll consider releasing on PC.

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