Further details on Final Fantasy XV's Luna and Regis

During this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix revealed further details in a new press release concerning two of Final Fantasy XV’s major characters outside the playable cast – Lunafreya and King Regis.


In the Kingdom of Lucis, King Regis has maintained a protective barrier around the crown city by channeling the magical energy of the crystal, but the strain has taken a toll on his body. Aged and weakened, with the imperial might of Niflheim at his doorstep and his wall on the verge of collapse, the king finds himself, his beloved son, and his kingdom defenseless.


Meanwhile, in Tenebrae, Luna’s sacred status as Oracle has elicited a degree of autonomy for the former kingdom, but she must still stand firm in the face of the imperial occupation. By her side stands the mysterious, black-haired Gentiana.

Additionally, director Hajime Tabata expanded on the pair during the 90-minute Active Time Report – filling in with gaps of lore brought over from Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

Lucis is blessed by the crystal and because of that, the royal family of Lucis has special powers. The current King is Regis, the father of Noctis. You may remember that Regis summoned weapons in the former trailers. Weapon summoning is one of the blessings of the crystal. Regis himself has fought in wars in the past alongside Cor and Cid.

Eventually, the Niflheim Empire expanded its territory – now with Lucis the only remaining crown city that is protected by a magic shield. Other territories that once belonged to Lucis are now occupied by Niflheim. The story of FFXV starts from here.

The origin of the magic shield is powered by the crystal. To protect the city from the invasion, the shield is maintained by consuming the magic power of the King; hence – which is why Regis has aged and weakened rapidly.

So why was there a change to Regis’ design? Half of the reason is because the king uses his energy to maintain the magic shield. The other half will be revealed in March.

Noctis’ mother passed away when he was still an infant. Regis never married again, and he raised his son by himself. As the king he has a lot of official business to do, and the time they were able to spend together may not have been enough. To Regis, Noctis is his only son and the only heir to the throne.

As for Luna, there are people in FFXV’s world that are called Oracles. These Oracles converse with gods and cleanse the world – to keep the stability. An Oracle’s special abilities are passed down through bloodline. The Oracle is supported by people in Niflheim, Lucis and other countries. Luna is the youngest Oracle ever and adored the world over.

The Kingdom of Tenebrae, Luna’s homeland, is under the control of Niflheim. Regardless, it has autonomy because of the Oracle. Niflheim invaded Tenebrae in the past and held Luna in captivity. On that basis, the youngest Oracle was born. More details will become apparent in the final game.

Her motion of brushing aside the gun depicts the dignity of the Oracle, her mental strength as the Oracle, and her strength of never surrendering to the threat of weapons.

Luna also spent time with Noctis when they were children. It was a very short time but the promises they made and the memories they shared have been cherished by both. This bond is a basic element similar to the bond between Noctis and his friends and the bond between father and the son.

The next Active Time Report is scheduled toward the end of the year and will focus on the Niflheim Empire.

Via: GameFAQs.

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