Luna shows up as a guest party member in Final Fantasy XV

With TGS over, several interviews with director Hajime Tabata are now coming out of the Japanese media circuit. While a lot of information is already known – namely the game’s beginnings with Noctis and friends out on the road as well as the long-promoted signing ceremony between Niflheim and Lucis – there are a few new bits of information regarding Luna and Noctis in the story.

Luna and Noctis’ wedding is meant to take place in Altissia – located in Accordo. The signing ceremony takes place when Noctis and friends are heading there – Luna is heading there as well. If you pay attention to the new artwork of Luna, she is actually in a certain location in Altissia. It appears the near death experience Noctis and Stella had from Versus XIII still lives on in Final Fantasy XV with Noctis and Luna.

Despite images of a young Noctis, we won’t be seeing his growth as a child to an adult. Instead the game starts when he is already grown at the time of the peace treaty. We will learn about childhood stories during the events of the game.

Tabata did mention that we will see Luna fight – her battle will be as a guest party member. But unlike Cor joining your battle, you will actually join hers at some point in the game.

Noctis’ father Regis is around 50 years old at the start of FFXV but he’s already aged well beyond that due to maintaining the magic barrier around Lucis. The quick aging is the unfortunate fate of the king, according to Tabata. Noctis could also meet this fate, if he inherits the throne. Because of this, Regis is torn on whether or not he should let Noctis become the next king.

When a king of Lucis dies, their wisdom gets passed to the next generation thus the royal line lives on. That ring that Nomura mentioned in the past as a significant object, is in fact inherited by the person next in line for the throne of Lucis. Naturally, Regis posses one of these rings. What happens to the ring during Lucis’s invasion? This is a key point – the ring contains both the wisdom and power of the previous king of Lucis. The summoned swords are also inherited from each previous king. In the story, there are items, such as the weapons of previous kings, that Noctis must collect “no matter what.”

Regarding summons, Tabata says there aren’t many in the game. You’ll encounter them in the story and they won’t care at all about what’s happening in the human realm. We don’t know what they think either. Summons have their own intelligence, gender, and willpower. Their behavior is very different from that of humans. They play an important role in the concept of the “power of the stars.”

Between now and the March event where Square Enix will announce the release date of the game, Tabata would like to attend community events if possible and he really wants to hear the voices of the fans on the official forums.

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