Final Fantasy XV development team comments on monster climbing, gambit system

The official Final Fantasy XV Twitter account has been very active as of late – recently fielding questions from fans that could have potentially ended up in a new Active Time Report. Today, it looks like some of those questions have been answered – not in video form, but through brief responses from various members of the development team over on the game’s official forums.

The first question asked focuses on the possibility of a gambit system for the game’s AI, similar to that of Final Fantasy XII’s. Prasertvithyakarn Prasert, Lead game designer and AI programmer replied saying, “We have created a system for FFXV where the player can decide the battle style that they and their comrades use, although this takes a different form to the gambits in FFXII. This will be revealed at some point in the future so look out for further information.”

Next, fans wanted to know if there would be some sort of monster climbing mechanic – similar to that which was seen in the original 2013 E3 reveal trailer. According to Yuji Kenichiro, Lead game designer and combat planner, “There is a gameplay mechanic where you can debilitate enemies by destroying parts of their anatomy and it plays an important role in battle.

“It is possible to make these kinds of attacks against specific areas on gigantic monsters by either striking them directly using the warp ability or by positioning yourself by the enemy‚Äôs vulnerable spots using parrying actions against their attacks.”

We’ll be sure to update this post should more answers arrive. Stay tuned!

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