Final Fantasy XV probably isn't getting another demo before launch

Platinum Demo might be the last bit of Final Fantasy XV fans play at home before the full game releases in September. Speaking with Dengeki and GameWatch, director Hajime Tabata shared several comments on the demo and the team’s goal of optimizing the game even further following complaints on framerate and other technical issues.

Platinum Demo was created in a very reasonable way. It was created by a small team of people in two months using features that are almost completely developed in the final game.

As of right now, the development team have no plans to update Platinum Demo as they did for last year’s Episode Duscae. However, Tabata says originally they didn’t plan to update Duscae either – which saw a 2.0 version several months following release – so anything could happen. Making a demo takes a lot of time and focus so right now there are no plans.

Regarding framerate and optimization on the full game, Tabata says the team will continue to improve on the final product. Platinum Demo uses a dynamic resolution process as a sort of experiment and the upper limit is full HD. The point of the demo wasn’t to show off the framerate but for fans to experience a part of Final Fantasy XV‘s world. The team focused on resolution first.

Tabata says Platinum Demo has the same specifications across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The full game will be optimized for each console, though they haven’t decided if both console versions will be exactly the same once optimization is finished.

Starting at this year’s E3, Tabata wants to create more opportunities for players to experience Final Fantasy XV hands-on. Fans in Japan will have similar opportunities as well.

For more information on Platinum Demo, check out our full impressions and video overview here.

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