Japan getting a Final Fantasy XV Film Collections Box

Following the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event, Square Enix Japan announced a third edition for the game, called the “Film Collections Box”.


The box set costs 20,000 Yen (about 180$/160€/240 AUD) and has the following content:

● Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV (Blu-ray Disc)
Voice tracks: English/Japanese, Subtitles: Japanese, Special Features: Audio Commentary (Japanese)

● Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV (Blu-ray Disc)
Voice tracks:: Japanese,  Subtitles: English, Special Features: Audio Commentary (Japanese)

● Fantasy XV (Blu-ray Disc for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One)

●  FFXV Universe ~ Bonus disc ~ (staff interviews, etc.)
●  Kingsglaive ~ Bonus disc ~ (Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV Making Of)
● A special “Lucis Kingdom Edition” storage box, which can carry Kingsglaive, Brotherhood and the Final Fantasy XV game
● A colored booklet with artwork, set pieces and staff interviews of Kingsglaive and Brotherhood
● Additional audio commentaries on disc
● A DLC code for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game version, including the original Regis design suit for Noctis

Additionally, there is even a lighter version of this box – simply including the movies and bonus content without the video game for around 12,000 Yen or 110$/95€/140AUD.

As the game itself, this edition will be released on September 30 2016. Currently there is no information about a Western release of the Film Collections Box.

Source: JP.Square-Enix.com

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