Tabata talks DLC for Final Fantasy XV, extra story being considered

During a media event following Uncovered Final Fantasy XV, which took place late last week, director Hajime Tabata talked at length about the game – including a few bits about post-launch downloadable content and VR technologies.

Tabata was asked if there are plans to use the base of Final Fantasy XV‘s universe for Final Fantasy XVI. While the game (XVI) has yet to be officially announced by Square Enix in any capacity, he says that XV will remain its own thing.

Moving on, Tabata says the FFXV team is interested in VR and they have done all sorts of tests for about a year now. If they think there is something that could work they’ll consider offering it. Tabata believes that VR will be a new type of experience, rather than a limiting one. In an effort to explore additional technology readily available, the DualShock 4’s touchpad will come into play, although its planned use has yet to be implemented into the game.

Final Fantasy XV has free and paid DLC planned, but there isn’t anything to reveal just yet as they’re still working out the specifics. Since production does have its costs, paid DLC is a necessity. The team is also thinking of doing something for those who play Final Fantasy XV for a long time – including the possibility of additional scenario content.

Final Fantasy XV is due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30th worldwide. You can read our coverage from Uncovered and beyond here.

Via: Dengeki and Game Watch.

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