The new design for King Regis is modeled after actor Jon Campling

Back at Gamescom 2015 Square Enix gave us the “Dawn” trailer and with it the revelation that Final Fantasy XV character Regis Lucis Caelum had undergone some drastic changes.

At the time, director Hajime Tabata declined to explain why such a change had been made to Noctis’ father – despite having appeared in footage several months prior following his leadership. At Tokyo Game Show, Tabata revealed the change was made to facilitate the game’s story: Half of the reason is because the king uses his energy to maintain the magic shield. The other half was promised to be revealed in March.

According to Tabata, the second half of that promise has arrived in the form of Kingsglaive – the CGI movie set to release ahead of FFXV proper. Speaking with GameSpot he explained, “We changed his design up so we can really express his stature as the king, or his true nature in battle, and as a father. We wanted to hone in on that and up the expressive quality of that character. That was happening on the Kingsglaive side, and to draw on that kingly aspect of Regis we redesigned and tried to get that image of Regis in the game closer to what was in the movie.”

We learned today this new version of Regis comes from the likeness of British actor Jon Campling.

Over on Twitter, Campling confirmed his role as the “face and physical performance of King Regis.” The voice of Regis will be performed by Sean Bean, who will not be reprising his role in the game.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV showcases King Regis’ time as King of Lucis and will feature characters both familiar and never before seen in Final Fantasy XV. Some characters had to be redesigned to fit into the movie’s vision. The film is expected to release before September 2016 and will be available online and eventually on disc through the game’s various editions.

What do you think? Do you prefer the new design or was the original your favorite? Sound off in the comments below.

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