Everything you need to know from today's Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report

Earlier today, fans in Japan were treated to a special edition Active Time Report broadcast, with Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata taking on the task of answering a myriad of community-focused questions. We also learned more about the game’s main cast and their personal profiles, along with new gameplay footage of the chocobo in action as a reward for those who participated in a recent Twitter campaign.

Our friends at Gematsu have rounded up all the important details below:

  • You can’t climb.
  • There is a system similar to a skill tree. You can also learn new abilities.
  • The game isn’t set in an open world where you can freely go wherever you like. Since there is a main quest, the more you progress, the more places you’ll be able to go.
  • The action isn’t very difficult. It’s an RPG through and through that everyone can enjoy. The game will have difficulty settings, which will be discussed more at E3.
  • The second episode of Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV will come out around E3.
  • There are seven types of standard weapon categories, and each category has a variety of weapons. Combined with the Phantom Sword, there are even more categories within itself.
  • There won’t be a gallery mode in the final version, but there are plans to make it after the game is finished. There are no plans for a camera mode.
  • Cars are faster than chocobos.
  • The white-hooded man from the E3 2013 trailer is still in the game.
  • In response to a user concerned about the “downgraded” graphics of the Platinum Demo, who asked when we’ll see the graphics of the actual product, the response was “Please look forward to E3.”
  • On putting out an Ignis’ Cookbook: “If you’re in publishing, by all means make us an offer.”
  • There are no plans for an Ultimate Edition without the Noctis figure.
  • You can’t control the boat. You can control the camera, however.
  • There aren’t just 10 songs from previous Final Fantasy games to listen to in the car—there’s an abundance of songs to enjoy. Since there are law restrictions and such per country, being able to play your own music in the game is a difficult thing to implement.
  • You can save at any time (not just at camp).
  • You can return to areas you’ve previously visited so long as it’s before the last boss.
  • You can fast travel by choosing camp sites and such from the map.
  • In response to “Why did you develop this game for 10 years?” Tabata said it’s not like they decided from the beginning that they were going to develop the game for that long.
  • Facial structure and hair designs for Prompto were altered after receiving negative feedback so that users around the world would better receive the game.
  • Hajime Tabata’s favorite character is Noctis, and Akio Ofuji’s is Prompto.
  • There are no plans to release a Soldier-style Cloud costume from the Final Fantasy VII movie as downloadable content.
  • You’ll get a “Game Over” if you fail to land the car from flight. It’s not that difficult, though.
  • There are many parts based on the real experiences of the staff. Some of it is also influenced by a trip to Europe that Tabata went on in his 20s.
  • You can give chocobos buffs through meals.
  • The Lucis government is a friendly one. Compared to the Shinzo Abe administration… “let’s stop there.”
  • Tabata wants to release a bundle, but that’s up to Sony Interactive Entertainment. He’d like if it could happen.
  • After development on the game wraps up, Tabata promised SaGa creator Akitoshi Kawazu that he would clear Final Fantasy II.
  • Tabata is planning a countdown to midnight release live stream on September 29.
  • Tabata attributes Noctis drinking Ebony in Brotherhood to the behavior of a young person drinking coffee to be cool, since Noctis says he hates it in Episode Duscae.
  • The name Ebony, which is both the name of the development engine and Ignis’ favorite coffee, comes from the color black, which is the key color of Final Fantasy XV (and the color the coffee). Since there’s already an Ebony Coffee in New Zealand, they might not be able to use the name overseas.
  • Justice Monsters‘ release timing will be announced immediately following E3.
  • A “Day 0 Edition” Active Time Report is planned for June 13, the day before E3.

Final Fantasy XV is due out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30th worldwide. For more on Final Fantasy XV be sure to check out or continuing coverage here.

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