Japanese Luna, Regis voice cast revealed for Final Fantasy XV game

UPDATE: MaidigiTV has released a video of the Japanese voice actor (Kitagawa Rina) for Lunafreya today. In the video, she mentioned that she hasn’t completed a RPG before and plans to make Final Fantasy XV the first one she will play to the very end. The voice actor apparently went blank when Square Enix called her on the phone and told her that she had successfully obtained the role to play Luna in the game. Kitagawa-san also confirmed that Lunafreya is 24 years old (2 years older than the voice actor).

ORIGINAL: Square Enix has revealed new information on the Japanese voice cast for Final Fantasy XV, which will differ in some respects from the upcoming film Kingsglaive.

Kitagawa Rina will be providing the voice for Lunafreya Nox Fleuret while Tsutomu Isobe (Gungrave, Black Lagoon, Star Wars: The Force Awakens) will provide the voice for King Regis in both the game and movie. Shiori Kutsuna – a drama actress – provides the voice of Luna in Kingsglaive detailed here along with new footage.

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