Character artist Roberto Ferrari speaks on Final Fantasy XV story changes, cut characters

As Final Fantasy XV nears its release, more and more artwork and other materials are coming out from official sources. The recent Dengeki PlayStation event over the weekend played host to a number of these new artworks, including previously unseen character sheets for Niflheim’s own Aranea Highwind, Ardyn Izunia and Verstael.

Noticing this, character designer Roberto Ferrari – who worked on these characters and is currently assisting with Final Fantasy VII Remake – had a few choice words to say over on his personal Facebook account. The artist expressed his feelings on the Final Fantasy XV project, and how some of his work was ultimately sacrificed due to story changes.

“At last someone decided to publish my drawings,” said Ferrari in a translated post. “Every time you find a drawing with the red フェラーリ (Ferrari) signature, keep in mind those characters are my creations. Aranea was created at the end of June 2010 whereas Ardyn was born in December of the same year (even though I brushed it up the following month). Six years -no kidding- six years to see the light! And what about all those characters (unfortunately there’s even better ones) whom have been sacrificed due to plot changes, what is their fate gonna be?

“They were initially included in the script, present in several scenes, but they have now been omitted even after finishing both character designs and scenography. All of it was for naught and, furthermore, it’s frustrating to think none of it can even be published (not by me, at least). I’m sadly speechless.”

Ferrari’s work on Final Fantasy XV also includes designs for Gentiana and Cidney. He also provided artwork for Final Fantasy Type-0 and the updated AVALANCHE crew (Wedge, Biggs, Jessie) in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Via: NeoGAF.

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