Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XV's car

One of the big talking points of late around Final Fantasy XV has been its car. Is it on rails? Can the car take damage? What about customization? Director Hajime Tabata answered all these things and more throughout Tokyo Game Show. Speaking with IGN Japan, we now have a clearer idea of what to expect going into the final game.

Final Fantasy XV‘s been designed so that other cars actively avoid the player. While you can crash into them, the Regalia won’t break after sustaining a lot of damage – only visible aspects such as a broken windshield or body damage will be available, though they have no bearing on the car’s actual performance. Final Fantasy XV isn’t an action game like Grand Theft Auto so the car must remain functional at all times.

You will, however, have to fuel up from time to time. You’ve got two choices here: take the car to a gas station or call on Cidney to pick you up for a small fee.

While on the road there’s a few other things to note: you can’t fall off cliffs, you can’t run into enemies with the car and there’s no going off-road – aside from designated dirt roads. You can handle the car freely provided you’re on a road, though, and you can turn around if need be. If you choose to drive on the wrong side of the road, cars will stop but you’ll still crash into them.

The flying Regalia obtained near the end of the game won’t be necessary to complete the main story either. However, Tabata says some additional areas on the world map won’t be accessible without it. When you’re in flight, it’s impossible to run out of fuel. You can’t take the car on water – that’s what chocobos are for since they can swim. There won’t be a car-specific mini-game, but at some point there will be a chase scene with it.

Because this isn’t an action game, it won’t be possible to enter other cars or pick up hitchhikers. You can increase the speed and reduce fuel consumption on the Regalia, though these upgrades won’t be essential to the main story. In effect, these things are there to allow quicker and easier completion of side quests.

On the visual front, you can change the color of the car and add custom stickers. Some of the pre-order bonuses include predetermined designs for this purpose.

While in the car, you can’t change the radio station but you can buy cassette tapes from certain shops to listen to on the road. These include various music from the Final Fantasy series.

There’s also no toll booths in the game. All roads in the game are open to the public and free to drive through.

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