Here's what you missed at Final Fantasy XV's PAX West panel

Square Enix just finished up an hour-long showing of Final Fantasy XV at PAX West with the latest build in tow. During the show, director Hajime Tabata was joined by lead game designer Wan Hazmer along with marketing manager Mat Kishimoto – who shared a look at a brand-new dungeon and side quest.

Today’s video takes us into an area known as the Balouve Mines – a dangerous dungeon players can access from the start of the game outside of the main story. On the way there, Tabata and team revealed the game’s driving mechanics have been updated since Gamescom, allowing for a bit more freedom on the road.

The dungeon itself was inspired by a real-life location in Japan. Once inside, Noctis and friends encounter a number of goblins, who you may remember from Episode Duscae. In addition to magic crafting and environmental hazards, the new footage offers up a good idea of the finalized gameplay.

Balouve Mines

Moving on, the team showed off a bit of chocobo racing. Race with your pals but be sure to watch your chocobo’s stamina.

Chocobo Racing

Capping out the panel, Tabata had one more surprise – a look at an infiltration into one of Niflheim’s bases. Fans were given a quick look at an enemy magitek armor which can be damaged in separate points and proves weak to Thunder. Lady dragoon Aranea Highwind also made an appearance here, although brief.

Niflheim Infiltration

Final Fantasy XV @ PAX West

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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