Final Fantasy XV might receive additional PS4 Pro support post launch

Final Fantasy XV is just around the corner and so far Square Enix has been somewhat mum on the things PlayStation 4 Pro owners can expect on November 29. We know the game will support 4K and HDR at launch but what about additional improvements?

Speaking with Spanish site HobbyConsolas, translated by user Lulost on our forums, director Hajime Tabata shared some new insights on the game including thoughts on a PC version, further PS4 Pro improvements, outfits and a word on Fabula Nova Crystallis.

On PC, Tabata once again said they’re focusing all of their efforts on the console versions at the moment. If they do a PC version they’ll have to readjust a lot of stuff and concentrate on it fully. The same applies to the PS4 Pro – if they want to go all the way with Sony’s new hardware they’ll need more time to get the game running and looking better. “That said, we can’t exclude that in the future, with some dedication and time maybe we can get a PS4 Pro version of the game that can take advantage of its capabilities,” he explained. “But as of right now the game has maxed out the PS4 horsepower.”

Between PS4 and Xbox One, however, there will be some visual differences. “In terms of content, they’re basically the same game,” said Tabata. “Technically, they’re different pieces of hardware so the most significant difference is the resolution, maybe. They both run at a dynamic resolution and to be more specific the Xbox One version is a little lower on the resolution side, but overall we’re taking full advantage of each piece of hardware. Players of both versions will be satisfied.”

Other highlights from the interview include a bit on Final Fantasy Versus XIII and XV‘s connection to the Fabula Nova Crystallis umbrella series. Unfortunately there’s currently no plan to add Noctis’ original outfit from the 2006 trailer, but if there’s enough demand the team will certainly consider it.

As for the game’s connection to FNC, Tabata had this to say: “We didn’t take the FNC too much into account when developing Final Fantasy XV, mostly because the world of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XV are completely different. And I think with each FF title people want stories that can be experienced on their own without much background knowledge or something like that, so keeping the FNC myth from FFXIII to FFXV wouldn’t be a very good idea.”

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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