Final Fantasy XV previews new CG renders for Cor, Iris, Cidney and more

A new update on Famitsu’s official Final Fantasy XV portal features the arrival of several CG character renders – including Cor, Iris, Cidney, Cid, Ravus and Iedolas.

Cor Leonis


A valiant protector who stood beside Regis during the king’s journey 30 years prior, and continued to serve his liege marshalling the Lucian Crownsguard. Cor the Immortal’s heroic feats in battle make him the stuff of legend, and for Noct and his closest friends, an invaluable ally in the field.

Cid Sophiar


Outspoken old friend of Regis who owns and operates the Hammerhead garage. Although he’s getting on in years, Cid remains the master mechanic he was when he traveled alongside Regis thirty years before, and beneath the surly surface beats a warm and gentle heart.

Cidney/Cindy Aurum


Belle of the body shop who handles the day to day business while her cranky grandfather tinkers away in the garage. Cidney is an accomplished mechanic herself, and assists Noct and the gang’s trusty car, the Regalia.

Iedolas Aldercapt


Emperor of Niflheim. Iedolas has used the empire’s superior airship and magitek armor technology to mount an aggressive campaign of territorial expansion, only to suddenly offer Lucis a peace.

Ravus Nox Flueret


Brother to Lunafreya (Noctis’ fiance). Following the attack and occupation of his hometown of Tenebrae, he joined the Niflheim Imperial Army.

Iris Amicitia


Gladiolus’ sister. She managed to escape the attack on Insomnia by the Niflheim Empire and now lives in the city of Lestallum. She’s accompanied both Noct and Ignis since childhood.

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