Final Fantasy XV Battle+Map and Scenario Ultimania guides due out December 28

Square Enix is preparing their latest set of Ultimania guides, due out in Japan on December 28. Focusing on Final Fantasy XV, fans can pick up two different guides featuring a “Scenario” or “Battle+Map” side of the project.

The Scenario book tops out at 608 pages and features a number of sections dedicated to the game’s story. For example, there’s a section on world and characters, scenario, sub-quests, the Regalia mini-games and more. The book also contains a lengthy interview with director Hajime Tabata and the art team, along with other development staff Q&A.

On the Battle+Map side, fans can look forward to 752 pages and several chapters on battle characters, the battle system, enemy lists, the game’s map and other bonuses like a trophy guide. This book also contains an interview with the battle team along with a fold-out poster featuring a map of Lucis.

Both guides are currently up for pre-order now on the Square Enix store and Amazon Japan. We’ve provided their cover art below.

Final Fantasy XV Ultimania -Scenario SIDE-
Final Fantasy XV Ultimania -Battle+Map SIDE-



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