Final Fantasy XV Energizing Elixir Review - A Kweh-k Thirst Quencher!

After a long day of work I started to feel it. My energy levels were low. A headache was coming on. I felt sluggish, weak. Certainly not prepared to trek the wide world of Eos with Noctis and co. Would I be able to survive the day to make my first venture into the world of Final Fantasy XV, or was it all in vain? 

As luck would have it, a quick check of my inventory revealed a potential save. A gorgeous bottle of Energizing Elixir from the man himself, Wiz, of the infamous Chocobo Post in the Duscae region. The front of the bottle is emblazoned with the familiar logo of Final Fantasy XV‘s feathery yellow Chocobo, while the back provides a heartfelt message alluding to its authenticity:

Wiz creates this tonic in small batches in the basement of his Chocobo Post, and only sells this secretive soda to those in the know – and considering you’re holding a bottle in your very hands, you must already know that. Lucky you!

Even more tantalizing was the promise that there are “Two servings of Gysahl Greens in each bottle!” Overall, the product is a real beauty, suitably Final Fantasy-themed and made of glass instead of a cheaper plastic. And the alluring, bright orange color of the Elixir itself was certainly inviting!

So I decided it was time to use my consumable. After a quick twist of the bottle cap, I took my first gulp. A smooth orange soda flavor followed. Strong enough to be clear and distinct in its rich creamy-ness, but not so strong that it was overpowering. Fans of orange or cream sodas are surely in for a treat. I appreciated the use of real cane sugar over high fructose corn syrup as well.

Unfortunately, in the end I did not feel the effects of the Elixir, perhaps a hint of caffeine could have simulated such effects!



  • Final Fantasy-themed packaging on point and sure to look great on any collector’s shelf
  • A delightful treat for fans of orange soda
  • Who doesn’t love Chocobos?
  • This could make a fantastic cocktail, Chocobo Screwdriver anyone?


  • My health and mana still does not feel at its peak…
  • Limited distribution means these may go fast




While orange soda would not have been my first choice for a Final Fantasy-themed soft drink flavor, I definitely appreciate the effort Jones Soda Company and Square put into this. It is particularly cool seeing the love that went into making it almost feel like a canon piece of XV‘s worlds in our own. I will definitely be holding on to a bottle as a keepsake.

Note: Energizing Elixir is provided as a special promotion between Square Enix and the Jones Soda Company for the release of Final Fantasy XV.  Fans who show proof of purchasing the game at Target stores will receive one free bottle of “Wiz’s Energizing Elixir.” Based off the in-game location “Wiz Chocobo Post,” the carbonated orange and cream soda-flavored drink is also available for purchase at participating Target stores for $2.99 MSRP while supplies last beginning November 29.

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