Final Fantasy XV's Shiva, city of Altissia, partner sub weapons and ability systems revealed

4Gamer has gone up with new screenshots detailing a number of elements found in Final Fantasy XV. Along with the summon Shiva, we’re reintroduced to the city of Altissia, partner sub weapons and the Ability Call system.

Shiva’s Diamond Dust is her signature ability. Noctis will be able to summon the bewitching, dancing Shiva. An expansive field of ice spreads over the area, with multiple Shivas gathering to turn it into a state of intense cold in one go.

The city of Atlissia sits on the water encompassing a continuous, fashionable townscape. Stately buildings can be seen lined up around the whole town. You can get around using a gondola too.

Noctis’ three buddies can equip a main weapon and a sub weapon. Gladiolus uses shields, Ignis uses lances and Prompto can use machinery weapons. You can configure each weapon and swap them around depending on the situation.


Ability Call is a system that’s set up separately from the traditional level and status buff mainstays. During the course of your journey, you’ll accumulate and spend Ability Points (AP). You’ll be able to learn abilities depending on the kinds of actions you take part in. The system is divided by different categories and it’s largely up to the player to decide which to strengthen. For example, Ignis can unlock “Analyze” to display the effects of Libra. You’ll be able to see things like an enemy’s HP and their resistances as you lock on to them.

Final Fantasy XV is due out on November 29 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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