New demo for Japan titled Final Fantasy XV: Judgment Disc

During today’s Active Time Report, a new demo was announced for Japan players titled Final Fantasy XV: Judgment Disc available on November 11th.

With Final Fantasy XV releasing in only a few weeks, this demo seems to serve as a way to “judge” the final product. The demo’s contents span from the beginning to half way through Chapter 1 of the game. Expected total playtime for this new demo will be around an hour and a half. While you won’t be able to carry your save from this demo over into the final game, players who complete the demo will be rewarded with a “special” video.

Judgment Disc marks the third demo available for the game pre-launch. The first demo, Episode Duscae, launched in March 2015 alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and was patched at a later date. The second demo, Platinum Demo, saw its release a year later following Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV as more of a technical demonstration rather than a vertical slice indicative of the final product.

For those who won’t be playing this new demo, Final Fantasy XV releases worldwide on November 29th, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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