Final Fantasy XV fourth week Japanese sales figures

Final Fantasy XV‘s fourth week Japanese sales are in, representing Media Create’s reporting period covering December 19 through December 25. According to the latest figures, Final Fantasy XV sold through a further 39,438 units on PlayStation 4. These numbers represent a drop of 11% over the previous week, bringing the game’s total sales on up to 854,041 physical units.

Once again, Famitsu’s report paints a slightly different story. Last week, Final Fantasy XV managed to shift 35,168 units on PS4 for a total of 860,127 since launch. By Famitsu’s figures, the game only dropped 2% over the previous week, helped in part by strong holiday sales.

With the holidays on their way out, however, the game still has a little ways to go to reach its original shipment reported at one million units in the region. Note these numbers don’t include digital copies or the Xbox One version, which has fallen out of both lists after moving 3,791 copies its first week.

Via: NeoGAF.

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