Final Fantasy XV heads to GDC 2017 with a panel on Prompto's photos

Final Fantasy XV will be featured at Game Developer’s Conference next year with a panel detailing the AI behind Prompto’s photos.

Presented by lead game designer Prasert Prasertvithyakarn, the panel “Prompto’s Facebook: How a Buddy-AI Auto-Snapshots Your Adventure in FFXV” will give attendees a knowledge of how an auto-snapshot feature changes game experiences, how to use photos to characterize a game character, and technical knowledge for the design of automatic snapshot. Attendees will also gain inspiration for and knowledge of new generation game auto-recording features, and the creation of “emotional AI.”

In Final Fantasy XV, Prompto takes pictures all throughout your journey. Because no one plays the same, your pictures are unique and can be shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. This feature was designed to changed the entire user experience of FFXV allowing for a unique concept of gameplay sharing. This session will describe the design behind the system, through both UX and technical perspectives.

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