Final Fantasy XV teases large-scale announcements at Gamescom

Square Enix and Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata shared a number of updates on the game during a special Active Time Report held this morning – focusing largely on E3 and the upcoming launch of Episode Prompto on June 27. Aside from the usual recap, Tabata shared several bits of new information, including the game’s Xbox One X patch, VR, the Regalia Type-D and more.

On Xbox One X, Final Fantasy XV will receive on update at the system’s launch. The game won’t be 4K native, however, and will run at 30 frames per second. The main difference will be found in the texture quality. As with the PS4 Pro update, users will simply download a patch to access these improvements.

Masashi Takizawa, director of VR title Monster of the Deep, also spoke at length on the project. They decided on fishing because of the level of immersion it offered over the original prototype shooting VR demo they showed off last year at E3. The titular “monster of the deep” will of course be a very big fish – so much so, it’s even possible to game over against him.

Beginning June 26, players will be able to hop into the Regalia Type-D off-road vehicle. In this mode the car can inflict damage on smaller to mid-sized enemies by driving over them. The more massive enemies, however, can’t be knocked down. The faster you drive, the more damage you’ll be able to deal too. The Regalia Type-D can also jump and the game will reward you a score depending on how far you manage to go with it.

Additionally, Tabata shared an update on the magitek exosuits revealed some months ago: basically they’re still in development and the new design will be revealed soon.

On the recent survey made available to players through the title menu, community manager Mittsu revealed they’ve received over 423,000 responses since release with an additional 15,400 through the Square Enix website. They survey will run through June with full results to be announced.

Wrapping up, Tabata and Akio Ohfuji revealed the team is preparing to make some large-scale announcements regarding Final Fantasy XV this Summer. Specifically, they held back during E3 to better prepare for the news to come – currently penned in for Gamescom in August.

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