Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report at Tokyo Game Show 2017; Comrades multiplayer DLC detailed, future plans

Square Enix held a special Active Time Report at this year’s Tokyo Game Show with a special focus on the upcoming Final Fantasy XV: Comrades multiplayer DLC set to go live on October 31st, 2017.

Comrades director Kazuya Takahashi took the stage to explain some of the elements of the game. You will be able to join a team of four Kingsglaive members and undertake missions and engage in combat. These party members can be people from around the globe or AI. Single-player quests will be available and will be based in the city of Lestallum and will take on the style similar to an RPG.

You can collect meteor shards to help re-establish an electric power grid originating from the Exineris power plant in Lestallum. Just like in the mothership Final Fantasy XV, Cid Sophiar can customize your weapons in various ways, and you can appoint various refugees to different roles within the city. There might be some characters you may recognize that show up here.

You’ll be able to select one of many Royal Sigils that will determine what role your character plays in combat — like a tank, healer, or damage dealer. Each sigil has it’s own type of abilities that you will inherit. You’ll be able to select four weapons from your inventory to take into combat.

In the footage below, the party takes on a mission to wipe out monsters and a King Behemoth enemy. Using a shield, you can use it to block incoming enemy attacks for your friends so that they will have an opening to strike. You will also be able to draw attention to your self to accomplish the same goal, similar to a tank in a MMORPG that employs the “holy trinity“.

Final Fantasy XV
director Hajime Tabata took the stage to explain the various elements of the game’s expanding Universe of cross-media titles, and revealed that the team has plans to continue creating content for the game into 2018 based off the feedback from fans. They deliberated whether or not they wanted December’s “Episode Ignis” to be the last DLC for the game, and decided they would want to create more stories that fill in what fans feel is missing in the main game.

Tabata also shared that this broadcast would be the final Active Time Report, and that the team will be using a new way to communicate new information in the future.

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