Final Fantasy XV's level editor, mod support and more for PC releasing 2018

Square Enix is bringing the Ebony level editor, mod support, character creator and more to Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition this year, the company has announced during a PAX East 2018 panel earlier today.

Beginning Fall of this year, players using the level “Ebony” editor will be able to produce all-new content from their very hands, including the creation of custom-made areas, simple quest designs and initiating events and/or actions when players interact with certain objects. Examples of such creations, as shown during the panel, include custom Chocobo races and a golf mini-game.

Once previously only available to the game’s multiplayer expansion, the character creator will now be available for use in the main story of the game on PC, changing up the appearance of Noctis. In addition, the Windows Edition will also receive mod support, allowing players and fans to upload their weapon and outfit creations to Steam Workshop.

Square Enix has also announced that PC players will be to place “User Treasure” all across the game’s world, hiding bonus items for other players to find and collect. The longer it takes for players to find the item, the better it will become. All three features are slated to release this Spring.

And finally, the game’s Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades will be coming to the Windows Edition as a standalone version this Summer, where the game will receive an update in the summer, followed by a second update in the winter. The updates will add new content such as raids and boss battles.

Final Fantasy XV is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. In case you missed it, Square Enix has also revealed new details on the upcoming set of DLC episodes for the game. Head here to read more.

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