Square Enix reveals four new Final Fantasy XV DLC episodes for 2019 and announces new crossover event

The roadmap for Final Fantasy XV was expanded upon today at PAX East 2018, with Square Enix revealing a list of content updates to come throughout the year and into 2019, which include four new episode DLCs for the single player campaign and a new crossover event.

The four new episodes that are scheduled for release will focus on Ardyn, Lunafreya and Noctis; with a shorter side story episode set to focus on Aranea Highwind. The underlying concept for each episode is to realize “a future everyone longed for.”

Check out the overview below:

  • Episode I: Ardyn “The Conflict of the Sage” (Working Title) (Winter 2019) – This story portrays the struggles of Ardyn. Witness the resentment he harbored towards Lucis for over 2,000 years, and his clashes with the Astrals.
  • Episode Side Story: Aranea “The Beginning of the End” (Working Title) (Spring 2019) – A side-story about the Starscourge depicted from the Niflheim’s perspective. The final day of the Empire turns out to be Aranea’s worst day.
  • Episode II: Lunafreya “The Choice of Freedom” (Working Title) (Spring 2019) – This story’s about Luna’s fate, which not even death can free her from. Her battle to save the one she loves overturns the destiny dealt to the Lucian King.
  • Episode III: Noctis “The Final Strike” (Working Title) (Spring 2019) – Parting ways with the Astrals, Noctis embarks upon his final battle in order to attain the ideal future for all his people.

Across these new episodes, the theme of an “alternate grand finale” to the storyline is to be explored, which director Hajime Tabata had hinted at back in February, after asking fans what kind of alternate ending they’d like to see for Final Fantasy XV.

Announced at the end of the panel was a new collaboration event between Final Fantasy XV and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. A single image teased the event, but no further information was given beyond it.

Square Enix has promised via twitter that further information regarding the updates will come at a later time.

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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