Square Enix is creating a new Next-Gen action game for High-Definition consoles

Similar to how Square Enix’s Third Development Division’s recruitment website was updated with new concept art for their upcoming next-gen title; the company’s First Development Division has also updated their own recruitment page, revealing that Square Enix has a brand-new next-generation action game in the works for high-definition consoles and are looking to hire more talented individuals to work on this mysterious new IP.

“With an international team of creators from all over the world, our staff is working together to develop a ‘next-generation action game experience’ that goes beyond the framework of existing action games.”

The First Development Division is best known for their work on titles such as Kingdom Hearts III, SaGa: Scarlet Grace, Final Fantasy XIII and a multitude of other titles, and possess a large number of skilled staff members who work on games from consoles to smartphones. This studio is also responsible for the creation of Final Fantasy VII Remake and are also looking to bring in more hands to assist it further in its development.

While no further information about this new title was provided, it will be exciting to see what new game the First Development Division has in the works alongside the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Sources: IGN, Gematsu

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