Mobile game SINoALICE is now available worldwide

The dark fantasy adventure RPG game, SINoALICE, is now available worldwide on iOS and Android devices. Players interested can visit the App Store and Google Play to download the game and take part in the storybook-themed title that is a collaborative effort between Square Enix and Pokelabo.

Featuring a story written by Drakengard and NieR series creator Yoko Taro, an original soundtrack by composer Keiichi Okabe/MONACA and artwork provided by Illustrator Jino; SINoAlice follows the tale of multiple storybook characters who all exist in a space known as The Library. Desperate to revive their fallen author, these familiar fairy tale characters all must face each other in a battle to the death until one is left standing, allowing their wish to come true.

With the game officially launched today, the pre-registration campaign has ended with 2,000,000 users registered. Players who registered will be able to receive all the campaign rewards upon logging in and completing the tutorial.

Additionally, in-game events have begun in celebration of SINoALICE’s release. These events include the following:

  • Release Celebration Grimoire: From now until July 16th, players can pull for Alice/Cleric, Cinderella/Breaker, and Pinocchio/Sorcerer, with each class and weapon having its own story. Opening the gacha each day will offer more chances for characters and weapons.
  • Running Start Event: For the first 10 days after starting the game, players will receive rewards from the Running Start login bonus. From Day 1 to Day 9, players will receive Twilight Crystals x30. On Day 10, players will receive the SR Weapon “Snowflake Spear.” There are also Running Start missions available that will offer rewards as well.

SINoALICE is a free-to-play game that is available now worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

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