Project Triangle Strategy announced for Nintendo Switch

A brand new RPG from Square Enix is coming to Nintendo Switch. Currently titled Project Triangle Strategy (name is subject to change), this HD-2D title has a similar appearance to Octopath Traveler and gameplay that echoes that of Final Fantasy Tactics. You can check out the announcement trailer below.

Project Triangle Strategy is a tactical RPG that follows the story of four individuals caught in the shadowy remnants of the Saltiron War — a great conflict between nations over limited salt and iron resources. The war ended with an uneasy truce, but has begun stirring up again in recent years. Serenoa Wolffort, Prince Roland, Frederica Aesfrost, and Benedict Pascal have gathered together to protect their homeland of Glenbrook from forces who seek the kingdom’s destruction.

Project Triangle Strategy is planned to release in 2022, with a demo available now on the Nintendo eShop. Square Enix will also be conducting a survey to collect player feedback to improve on the game as it develops.

Announcement Trailer

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