Square Enix might share more on Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2022

Square Enix would like to share more on Final Fantasy VII Remake this year. Maybe, hopefully. At least according to producer Yoshinori Kitase, as he spoke during today’s Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier live stream.

To quote him directly, he says “As for the Final Fantasy VII Remake news you’ve been waiting for, I think I’ll be able to share more this year… maybe…” Of course, Tetsuya Nomura had to interject and tell him he should probably be more clear about that so to continue, Kitase says he’d like to get the FFVII excitement going with everyone this year and so he hopes to share more news this year. Look forward to it, perhaps.

With the second part of Final Fantasy VII Remake currently underway and development progressing nicely, we’ll hopefully see it sooner, rather than later.

Via: Games Talk, Gematsu.

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