This Week in Events — Week 29, 2022

Collected below are the latest events from Square Enix’s repertoire of service games, including limited time campaigns and content updates.

Check out what’s new this week!

Babylon’s Fall

Chocobo GP

  • Chocobo GP patch (Ver.1.1.0) is now live, featuring updates for the upcoming Season 2! [5/31]
  • Prize level rewards for Prize Pass holders will also be available for purchase at the Ticket Shop from Season 2 onwards in #ChocoboGP! Any Gil you earn during a season will be carried over into the next season too.
  • Some rascals from the Chocobo series are making their way into #ChocoboGP! Chip from Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon series and the Kwackeys from #FinalFantasy Fables: Chocobo’s Dungeon have joined the race in Season 2.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

  • Cecil (Paladin)’s extra costume is now available for a limited time! This extra costume is based on Cecil’s appearance in FINAL FANTASY IV: The After Years! Don’t miss out on this wardrobe bundle! [7/18]
  • Desch’s FR arrives w/ his & Machina’s LV90s/reworks! With C85 passive, Machina’s EX gauge is filled at quest start & Counter triggers an HP atk! Desch’s FR w/ Leila is Electric Order, and its HP DMG Bonus increases from enemy inaction and on-turn Thunder DMG! [7/18]
  • Desch’s Intersecting Wills: Comfortably Uncompromising brings two new Story Draws to #DissidiaFFOO! These draws feature Desch’s new FR “Break Blade (III)” along with Machina’s BT and weapons for Edgar! As part of the Summer Festival, the first multi draw is FREE! [7/20]
  • Check out Machina’s extra costume in #DissidiaFFOO! This costume is based on Machina’s White Tiger l’Cie outfit in FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0! Will you be picking up this costume? [7/21]
  • Tidus’s FR arrives to #DissidiaFFOO! Saintly Shot is a combo attack with Ceodore, and the HP Damage Bonus increases from on-turn attacks on enemies with debuffs and from instant turn rate abilities! Use Tidus’s Slice & Dice or Quick Hit+ to quickly raise the bonus! [7/22]
  • The Dauntless Defender: Defender Z Raid has landed in #DissidiaFFOO! Take on individual and collaborative raid missions with the community to earn rewards including gems, draw tickets, mighty shards, orbs, bloom fragments, and more! Are you up to the challenge? [7/22]
  • The Dauntless Defender: Defender Z Raid brings two new Event Draws to #DissidiaFFOO! These draws feature Tidus’s new FR “Ephemeral Sword (X)” and his BT, along with weapons for Barret and Queen! As part of the Summer Festival, the first multi draw is FREE! [7/23]

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai A Hero’s Bonds

  • Chapter 4: Temple of Destiny will be added to Bonding Journey on 7/19 at 11:00 pm PDT! Xevallo, Lord of the Void appears at last! [7/18]
  • Chapter 4: Temple of Destiny has been added to Bonding Journey! The Luminary Leader’s party faces off against Xevallo, Lord of the Void! Get Multifists scrolls, a skill usable by Maam (Martial Artist) & the Martial Artist vocation, via quests like Episode 12 on Intermediate! [7/20]
  • Season 9 of Rank Battle has finished! Results of the third term of Season 9 have been calculated. Don’t forget to collect your rewards when you check your results in the Battle Arena! [7/22]
  • Armour Trial: Ruby Armour begins on 7/25 at 11:00 pm PDT! You can get the 4★ armour Ruby Armour (Top) and Ruby Armour (Legs) from this event! Inflict powerful Fire damage on your foe when a special move hits! [7/23]
  • Thunderclap Sword & Thunderclap Equipment Treasure Hunt 7/25, 11:00 pm PDT Features: Thunderclap Sword (Crest Beam move) Crest Beam is a long-range AoE that deals piercing, physical, Thunder damage, raises the user’s Physical Attack, and lowers the target’s Thunder Resistance! [7/23]

Dragon Quest Tact

  • With all the excitement around all the events in DQTACT, don’t miss out on these events being added to the Reminiscence! Tacticians can now access these events permanently and earn event-exclusive rewards including monsters, equipment and more! [7/17]
  • Let’s celebrate the S-Rank monsters that has come out across DQTACT’s 1.5 Year Anniversary! Don’t forget that you can earn a S-Rank Guaranteed 1.5 Year Anniversary SP-Scout Ticket to gain a S-Rank monster through the limited-time Login Event! [7/18]
  • The 1.5 Year Anniversary Special Missions has been updated! Login and check out the brand-new tasks to earn rewards including Stamina Herb Juice, Gold and even an Iridescent Orb! [7/19]
  • The epic conclusion for the DRAGON QUEST IX event has arrive! Check out the finale of the event story quest and take on the hardest fights in the event with the High Difficulty Special Battles! Are you ready for #4 of the DRAGON QUEST IX event? [7/20]
  • Behold, King Godwyn’s True Form in the newest SP Scout! This monster will clear the path with the “Lance of Death” that does major Zam damage in a straight line while moving up to 5 spaces and lowering WIS! What are your thoughts on the newest Undead Family monster? [7/21]
  • The Talent Blossoming Front continues with Part 3 that’s now available for all Tacticians! Unlock your Blossoming for the S-Rank ??? monster Malroth and A-Rank Demon monster, Batmandrill! [7/22]
  • Challenge Greygnarl and Barbarus in the newest high-difficulty event quest “Light and Dark Dragon Howl”! Defeat the two dragons and earn special event-exclusive EX-Icons based on the DRAGON QUEST IX event to commemorate the victory! [7/23]
  • Take on Corvus in the Furious Fallen Angel high-difficulty event quest! Conquer the bosses for rewards including the S-Rank equipment “Very Evil Axe”, Fyggs, and Fallen Angel Corvus EX icon! Have you conquered Corvus in this event quest? [7/23]

Echoes of Mana

  • Harvest begins July 20th (UTC)! New ally 4★ Honeycomb -Knightly Aspirations- will arrive! First 10-harvest is half off!
  • Knightly Aspirations Harvest Now Available — Featuring new ally 4★ Honeycomb -Knightly Aspirations-! First 10-harvest is half off! [7/20]
  • O bravers of echoes! New event “Bravers Arise III” has begun! For this event, you’ll face-off against 2 event bosses: Fire Gigas and Frost Gigas! [7/20]
  • New EP Trader Item! Benevodon Spirit Icon has been added to the “Ice & Fire” EP Trader! Collect EP and head on over to the trader for a good deal from Lady Moti! [7/21]
  • Upcoming: Fire/Water Fresh Pick Harvest begins July 25th (UTC)! Fire ally 4★ Popoi -Headed for the Home Village- and water ally 4★ Angela -Magic Power in Bloom- will be featured in this harvest! First 10-harvest is half off! [7/23]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Get your wind and earth damage dealers ready and fight off an enemy obsessed with victory in the new limited time Chronicle Battle: Shura Fellspirit! [7/17]
  • Your offered prayers have been answered! Here comes the magnificent Lehftia -Warrior’s Prayer-, hyper-positive artist Poppy -Warrior’s Prayer-, and the knight of the Kingdom of Grandshelt Lasswell -FFIV Form-! Time to draw your blade, summon them now! [7/18]
  • Get ready for a new challenge campaign and earn amazing rewards! To celebrate the release of The Empress’s Resolution in the Chamber of the Vengeful in #FFBEWW, we will be holding a milestone campaign with rewards up to 3000 Lapis! [7/19]
  • Congrats to everyone who participated in our FFBE @ 6 Quiz Challenge! All players will receive the ff rewards:
    • Expansion Ticket x3
    • 300 Lapis
    • NV EX Ticket (4★/5★/NV) x3
    • NV EX Ticket (5★/NV ) x1
    • Guaranteed Ticket (4★/5★/NV)x1
    • Guaranteed Ticket (5★/NV) x1 [7/20]
  • A journey to a life of devotion begins! Summon new Neo Vision unit Samurai Chizuru with higher rates than usual from 7/21 (end of maintenance) to 8/3 (start of maintenance) PDT! [7/22]
  • Janhasvara, a manticore that is part beast and part insect, steps in as another powerful adversary! Can you handle its vicious and venoumous attacks? Test out your skills in the new Clash of Wills: Manticore of Unknown Origin. [7/22]
  • Be on guard as a familiar foe has returned to show her destructive prowess in the new Chamber of the Vengeful trial, The Empress’s Resolution! Take part in the community challenge and earn up to 3,000 lapis once players reach the 12,000 total unique clears milestone! [7/23]
  • Be drawn to great power as the Lone Swordsman vision card has arrived. With an empire defeated and a tragic story to tell, Hyoh is captured in this wallpaper art that surely evokes so many emotions. Check the in-game news for more info on the Ticket Exchange (Lone Swordsman). [7/23]
  • When terror descends from the skies, a glimmer of hope appears in the form of a medicinal herb, will our heroes be able to obtain it? Find out as the story continues! [7/23]

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

  • Final Fantasy Record Keeper ends service for global client on September 29.
  • Chaotic Memories Relic Draw Phase 2 is now available! Another chance to unleash an Arcane Dyad with Emperor’s Karmic Rod (II)! Log in to the game now for more details! [7/17]
  • Labyrinth Dungeons (Earth) Relic Draw Phase 1 is now available! This is your first chance to unleash a newly added Dual Awakening with Galuf’s Iron Fist (V)! Log in to the game now for more details! [7/21]
  • Record’s End Relic Draw is now available! This is a Rare Relic Draw x10 that you can purchase with a Record’s End Relic Draw Ticket. One 6★ or higher relic guaranteed! [7/22]
  • Labyrinth Dungeons (Earth) Relic Draw Phase 2 is now available! Another chance to unleash an Arcane Dyad with Krile’s Magical Mace (V)! [7/23]

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

  • Summer Event: Surf of the Water God —Zack’s swimwear and other limited-time summer-themed skins are available!! Lockers will appear for you to change into your event swimwear so you can enjoy the event to the fullest! [7/19]
  • Event Shop Now Available
    ・Character Skin: Surf Wear
    ・Back Accessory: Chocobo Fishing Rod
    ・Chocobo Skin: Surf Chocobo (2022)
    ・Dagger Skin: Cactuar Ice Pop
    And tons of other summer-themed items!! [7/19]
  • Gather Water God Medals for Event Items! Use Water God Medals to draw the Water God’s Pack! Play the event to obtain summer-themed items like Watermelon Outfit, Shinra Swimwear, and more! [7/19]
  • Character Skin: Beach Outfit Zack (CC FF7) Available in the Shop! Zack’s swimwear from CRISIS CORE -FINAL FANTASY VII- and the Beach Umbrella sword skin are featured in the specialty shop! Until 7/24 (Sun.) 1:59 UTC [7/19]
  • Special Shinra Packs (Leviathan) Now Available — Leviathan skins are now avaiable in the shop! Equip character skins Leviathan Wear or Leviathan Outfit to increased the number of Water God Medals you obtain in matches by 50%! Availability ends 8/10 (Wed.) 1:59 UTC [7/20]
  • Head accessory “Leviathan Helm” is awarded to all candidates the first time they log in during the event! Only until 8/9 (Tue.) 1:59 UTC [7/20]
  • Face Accessory “Hellmasker Mask (FF7)” & Back Accessory “Hellmasker Chainsaw (FF7)” are now available in the shop! [7/20]
  • Get Up to 1000 Water God Medals From Login Bonuses Login bonuses available until 8/9 (Tue.) Get 100 Water God Medals every day up until day 10. [7/21]
  • Calling all SOLDIER candidates! FFVII THE FIRST SOLDIER CHAMPIONSHIP NORTH AMERICA TOURNAMENT registration is officially OPEN! Registration Deadline: 8/4 11:59PM PDT In-game Qualifiers start from 8/12! Form a team of 3 and register at: [7/22]
  • Diver Moogle Costume in Mog’s Trading Post. In celebration of the event, Diver Moogle Costume is avaiable in Mog’s Trading Post for a LIMITED time!! [7/22]

Final Fantasy XI Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Marvel’s Avengers

  • The sixth and final FREE Ms. Marvel Nameplate is in the Marketplace! Head on over there and add Ms. Marvel’s Nameplate 006 to complete your collection before 7/21! [7/16]
  • Part of the Journey is the end. Inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man’s Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame (Snap) Outfit shows the genius inventor willing to do whatever it takes. Find it in the Marketplace! [7/21]
  • Monica’s up to no good again. The Cosmic Threat Event returns from 7/21 – 8/4. Beat the odds and earn Omega Gear and an Epic Nameplate! [7/21]

NieR Re[in]carnation

  • Have you been away from The Cage for a while? Come back now to get 1,000 gems! [7/18]
  • Abyss Tower: Radiant Cell III is coming soon! Despair shines bright. [7/19]
  • Abyssal Monster Summons are on now! Get Levania in his latest and deadliest form! [7/20]
  • Record: Chamber of Prayer is back! Be sure to get Fio in her event-exclusive costume if you missed out last time! [7/20]
  • Abyss Tower: Radiant Cell III has opened its gates! Brave through these blinding floors to get tons of rewards! [7/20]
  • New Hidden Stories have been added! This week, it’s Akeha and Saryu! [7/23]

Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

  • Pre-registration has opened for Google Play and the App Store. Official release is planned for July 27th, 2022.

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

  • The Remembrance Battle has arrived in #SaGaRS! Take on high difficulty battles with parties of the designated type of weapon! Complete these battles to get rewards such as Remembrance Weapons, Memory Shards and more! [7/17]
  • The next #SaGaRS Virtual Concert is coming soon! Join us this Friday July 22nd, as we check out the latest content to arrive and then relax to music from SaGa Frontier 1 and 2! [7/20]
  • New styles arrives in #SaGaRS with the New Arc Celebrations Round 2! Add new Styles SS [You Are the Hero] Matriarch, SS [Life or Death] Leonid, SS [Look Into the Flame Vortex!] Aunus, and SS [Born to Battle] Alloces! [7/23]
  • Past exclusive Festival styles returns as part of the New Arc Celebrations Round 2! SS [Sinistral of the Sea] Forneus, SS [Leading the People] Matriarch, SS [Order Up! Shrimp Gyoza!] Boston, and more! [7/23]


  • Characters Added to Act of Reality 7/22 From 7/22, the tales of two favorite characters will be added to Act of Reality. Play and see for yourself the turn their lives take. We aren’t promising any happy endings. [7/17]
  • Act of Reality Characters Added Campaign On 7/22, two characters will be newly added to Act of Reality! To celebrate their addition, if we reach 3,000 interaction pts. on this post, we’ll send 300 twilight crystals to all users! [7/18]
  • Events starting today! -STEP Grimoire: Raging Dark Wolf & Angelic Dancer Check the in-game notices for more details! [7/19]
  • New Act of Reality Characters Release Postponed Due to various circumstances, the new Act of Reality chapters scheduled for 7/22 has been postponed. They will added soon, so please wait for further information. Thank you for your understanding. [7/21]
  • Events starting 7/22 at 8:00 (UTC+0)! -Conquest Event: Evil Eye of Ruin Check the in-game notices for more details! [7/21]
  • Events starting today! -Conquest Event: Evil Eye of Ruin Check the in-game notices for more details! [7/22]

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Complete the “Culmination” Release Celebration Training Challenge Missions here in #WOTVFFBE! Clear these to obtain “Culmination” Vision Card Shards, Rainbow Vision Spheres, and more! [7/17]
  • Traverse vast lands in the Chocobo Expedition! Set up your formation with the designated Bonus Units to increase your chances of getting rare drops! [7/18]
  • Here is a sneak peek at what’s coming to #WOTVFFBE starting 7/20/2022, World Time (PST)! – New units: Eliza and Ranell – Ranell Acquisition Quest – Eliza Release Celebration Training Challenge Missions – 5x Arena Medals Check the in-game news for more info! [7/19]
  • The Version Upgrade Celebration begins in #WOTVFFBE! Log in daily to receive up to 2,100 Visiore, [Eliza] Featured Summon Tickets, Rainbow Vision Spheres, and more! Don’t miss this golden opportunity! [7/20]
  • UR Eliza, the Black-Haired Drifter, steps into WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS! Her Limit Burst, Cage of Thorns, lowers the target’s Ice Resistance for three turns, then deals a large amount of damage and lowers Move by one for three turns. [7/20]
  • Assemble your units and go into battle as Eliza in WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS! Emerge victorious to obtain awesome rewards like Visiore, Event Skip Tickets, and more in the Deeds of the Black-Haired Drifter Quest! [7/21]
  • Are you up for a new challenge? Show off your skills by finishing the Ranell Acquisition Quest! Acquire the new unit, MR Ranell, upon completing the first quest! You can also get Job-enhancing and Awakening materials for MR Ranell by doing this event. [7/23]
  • The spine chilling MR Ranell, the Immoral Handmaid, joins the ranks! Her ability, Blinding Trinity, deals three hits of medium damage to targets within range and has a chance of inflicting Blind for three turns. [7/23]

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