Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail details system updates and job hints

At a Final Fantasy XIV‘s Fan Festival in Las Vegas, the fifth expansion Dawntrail was announced for a Summer 2024 release. Bearing the Warrior of Light and Scions of the Seventh Dawn southwest across the Indigo Deep to the “New World” of Tural, the expansion teaser trailer gives us some hints about one possible new job.

Bearing what appears to be a short sword, the Warrior of Light is shrouded in a cloak which makes it a bit difficult to ascertain more details, but fans have already started speculating anything from Pictomancer to Corsair, to Rune Knight. Producer and director Naoki Yoshida teased fans by revealing a shirt depicting the ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, in which new job details can be gleaned but not confirmed. Of course, new details will be forthcoming at Fan Festivals set for London in October and Tokyo next year.

Until then he shared their roles: that both will be a DPS (or damage dealer) and that one will be melee and the other will be a ranged magic user. Which one does the trailer depict? It seems like the melee, but we’re not quite certain yet.

The level cap for combat jobs, crafters, and gatherers will increase to 100.

In other content planned for Dawntrailer, you can expect Variant Dungeons (Mount Rokkon, Sil’dihn Subterrane) to return in the patch series following the expansion launch, which are dungeons with different paths and boss mechanics that change based on your choices.

Starting in Patch 7.1, a new alliance raid series will be available. Yoshida stated that the Myths of the Realm alliance raid ongoing in the Endwalker expansion has been popular with players, and the one you’ll see in Dawntrailer will be “even more Final Fantasy-ish.” Considering that Myths of the Realm raid features and original story to Final Fantasy XIV, it’s curious what Yoshida means exactly—will this be another original story or will it feature a collaboration with another title like ones in previous expansions. (Return to Ivalice, YoRHa Dark Apocalypse).

Also, another 8-Player Raid will be implemented in the 7.0x series and 7.x series just like Endwalker’s Pandaemonium raid. No further hints or details were shared yet. A new Ultimate Raid is planned as well, but there are no details at this time.





Moving on to PvP, updates will be coming to Crystalline Conflict, Frontlines, and Rival Wings maps, and specifically new maps for Frontlines.

The 7.x series will also see an update to Blue Mage content, the continuation of the Hildibrand story in “Inconceivably Further Hildibrand Adventures“, new “plans” for Deep Dungeons, and a Gold Saucer Update. Taking a moment to pause on Deep Dungeons, Yoshida stated they are developing new plans for Deep Dungeon but they are considering a new type of battle content instead.

Systems Updates

On related system updates for the 7.x series, the team is working on a Strategy Board that will allow players to use something of an in-game white board to allow players to communicate battle strategies to each other visually. Pictured is a non-final UI element that depicts an overview of the feature.

Players will be able to apply two dyes to a single piece of gear, indicating which part they want to dye what color. The team may not be able to apply this to certain housing items that are particularly difficult, but they will try to apply multiple dye options to as much gear as they possibly can. Not all items will be available for this at 7.0, but they will be updated in the 7.x series.

Eyeglasses can be equipped alongside headgear like regular gear, but they are not accessories. System wise, however, they will not take up space in your armoury chest. The plan is to implement this in 7.0.

Planned for the 7.x series following the Dawntrail expansion release, the team plans on increasing the furnishing limit available in housing. The server team is working hard to move as quickly as they can on this.

As of Patch 6.5, the Free Trial will expand to include Final Fantasy XIV‘s second expansion Stormblood, and you’ll be able to play for free up through Patch 4.56 A Requiem for Heroes.

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