Final Fantasy XIV details Patch 6.5 Growing Light Part 1, out in early October

The final major patch following the Endwalker expansion is set to arrive in early October. Split into two major parts, Growing Light – Part 1 will continue the main scenario in a penultimate push towards the Dawntrail expansion releasing next summer.

October’s update will also conclude the Myths of the Realm alliance raid series with the third duty: Thaleia. This series explores the mysteries of Eorzea’s pantheon of gods and their true nature. A new expert dungeon and trial dovetail with the main scenario’s Final Fantasy IV kick: inspired after the final dungeon and boss of the game.

Additionally, an update to the Duty Support system will make all main scenario dungeons compatible with NPC AI, and the free trial will be expanded to include the second expansion Stormblood and all its post release content – allowing trial players to level up to 70 and participate in content such as the Return to Ivalice raid and the foray into Forbidden Land Eureka.

Furthermore, Square Enix has announced that the next Letter from the Producer Live broadcast will take place at Tokyo Game Show on September 23rd. This live letter will be the second of a two-part preview into Patch 6.5. Later in October, the second of three Fan Festivals will take place in London, where we will get more information about the Dawntrail expansion. Final Fantasy series creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is slated to be a special guest.

You can check out the next Fan Festival stream broadcast schedule here, and a gallery of new 6.5 images shared by Square Enix below.

Currently, two limited-time events are running: The Rising celebrating 10 years of operation since A Realm Reborn‘s launch and the latest moogle tomestone event where completing certain duties rewards a currency that can be exchanged for various goodies. Both will conclude with the launch of Patch 6.5.

Main Scenario Quest

Growing Light — Part 1

The Warrior of Light’s victory over Golbez proved hollow, for it did nothing to stop the awakening of Zeromus. Its strength was beyond reckoning, clad in Darkness nigh-impenetrable. Indeed, naught save resplendent Light could pierce such a tenebrous veil, and so the Warrior of Light seeks aid from their allies in the First.

Expert Dungeon

The Lunar Subterrane

Long has Golbez guarded the location of his domain, a solemn sanctuary wherein he conspired to break the barrier between worlds. It is there, within the recesses of the Thirteenth’s moon, Zeromus bides its time, gathering the strength that will see Golbez’s plan to fruition. But what else could he be guarding in this subterranean labyrinth? What secrets might be laid bare by those willing to brave its abyssal depths?

Unreal Trial

The Singularity Reactor

In the hopes of sating the faux commander’s appetite for harrowing tales of valor, you dig deep within your memory to recall your battle against the primal King Thordan and the sworn brothers of the Heavens’ Ward. Their visage in your mind’s eye is frightfully clear, and so you steel yourself to once more endure their righteous fury.

Alliance Raid

Myths of the Realm — Thaleia

It was out of their undying love for mankind that the Twelve constructed the monument at the heart of the Omphalos, that they might never lose sight of their purpose. To answer that love, you must sally forth into their sanctum one last time to grant them their heart’s desire…


The Abyssal Fracture

The dread voidsent Zeromus, driven by Azdaja’s longing to return home, is now poised to break the barrier between worlds. And so the Warrior of Light stands fast against the Darkness, a flickering beacon of hope. But should they fail, the Thirteenth’s deliverance will prove the Source’s destruction.

Additional Duty Support

The Duty Support system has been expanded to include three additional dungeons from Stormblood. With NPC companions now available in main scenario dungeons all the way through Endwalker, this is the perfect time to begin your adventure in Eorzea!

The duties newly added to the Duty Support system are as follows: the Drowned City of Skalla, the Burn, and the Ghimlyt Dark.

Free Trial & Starter Edition Expansion

Did you know the critically acclaimed MMORPG FINAL FANTASY XIV’s starter edition and free trial now include the entirety of A Realm Reborn, the award-winning Heavensward, and its second major expansion Stormblood? A grand adventure awaits, now up to level 70!

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