Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince gets a launch trailer

Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince is set to release this Friday, December 1st on Nintendo Switch. The latest entry in the spinoff series, The Dark Prince follows an antagonist of Dragon Quest IV, Psaro, in his younger years. Cursed by his father to be unable to harm monsters, he must instead become a monster wrangler to exact his revenge.

His journey leads him through the lands of Nadiria, where he will encounter the elf Rose and other allies that will assist him. Of course, there are no shortage of monsters that can be fought, captured, and trained just like in previous Dragon Quest Monsters titles.

Before the game launches, you can check our previous coverage, including an overview of the game’s story and cast, building your very own monster party, and some of the game’s optional online features. The game also has a free demo, available to try on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Check out the launch trailer below:

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