Final Fantasy XI November 2023 update adds Peach Power battlefield

This month’s Final Fantasy XI update is now live, and includes the usual refresh of Ambuscade objectives, but also includes a new battlefield: Peach Power. In a recent letter, producer Yoji Fujito noted the changing of the seasons, and how November’s update will be a bit more robust than the typical smaller-scale patches following the shift in development.

With the Impish Box item in your possession, examine the Cutter in Arrapago Reef (H-8) and select “Peach Power”. Once you’re in the battlefield, use the Impish Box item. Your party can consist of three to six players, and you won’t be able to use Alter Egos.

There’s an entry limit of once per Earth day, and Guimauve Meat obtained here can be used to exchanged with Shelu-Mapelu in Nashmau (H-6) for rewards. Note that if you enter Peach Power but don’t use the Impish Box item, you can leave and return after one Vana’diel day has passed.

The team has also adjusted the UI of the gamepad configuration menu, and adds the ability to select a gamepad device. An auto-detect feature will operate in the same fashion as the previous configuration tool did up until the October 2023 update. Additionally, you’ll be able to launch the gamepad config tool from within the game, but only if your screen mode is set to ‘Windowed’ or ‘Borderless Windowed’ mode. You can access this feature in-game by opening the title menu or main menu. The team noted that there is a currently known issue where the European version of the PadConfig tool does not launch when pressing the Gamepad button while in the game.

Fujito also noted that prep work has been done in this update to lay the foundation for content where players will cooperate across different worlds, and while it won’t feature dedicated content, will will have players work together across the world toward a common goal. More information will be shared soon.

Regarding events, the November Login Campaign is underway, with various goodies available for exchange by obtaining login points; this month’s featured item is the Chocobo Chair II. You’ll be able to earn points until December 2nd, and redeem those points until December 9th. The Falling into Autumn event brings back myriad campaigns with a variety of objectives and rewards.

Final Fantasy XI is currently available on Windows PC. Recently, a collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV was announced at the game’s Fan Festival in London last month.

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