Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis next story update “The Wide, Wide World” arrives January 11, adds playable Yuffie

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will be adding a new story chapter in an update landing January 11th, 2024. This will be the fifth chapter of the Final Fantasy VII scenario, based on the original 1997 title. Following the fourth chapter in which Cloud and party find themselves outside Midgar and in the town of Kalm.

It’s here that Cloud retells the events involving Sephiroth’s disappearance in Nibelheim five years prior, after which the party resolves to journey after him. In so doing they travel across the Grasslands beyond Kalm, encountering the ninja Yuffie, wild chocobos, and explore the Mythril Mine to learn that the Turks are hot on their trail.

In this update you will be able to obtain Yuffie Kisaragi as a new playable character for your roster, as seen in the trailer below using her signature Limit Break ability Bloodbath. Players can challenge Yuffie as a boss as part of the New Years’ event: a what-if scenario that transports the party to Wutai to take part in the festivities. That event ends the same day as this new update.

In an update last month, a new chapter for the Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII scenario was added, including a new level cap and the summon Bahamut, amongst other features.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is now available on iOS, Android, and PC via Steam.

Final Fantasy VII — Chapter 5: The Wide, Wide, World

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