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Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud Strife arrives to the world of Lapis in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius
During the last day of the One-Year anniversary celebration for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, it was announced that Final Fantasy VII's protagonist Cloud Strife would finally be making his way to the game. At long last, fans who have been waiting for his arrival outside of Japan need only wait a few days longer. The Final Fantasy VII's crossover event with FFBE will begin December 15, 2017. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available now as a free-to-play mobile game (With in-app purchases) on iOS, Android and Amazon devices.  
Final Fantasy XV returns to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius with a new collaboration event
Square Enix has revealed exciting new updates coming to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius in continued celebration for the game's One-Year Anniversary. Players who attended the Fan Festa Event in South Korea got a first-look at numerous game updates and other special promotions, one of which included a new collaboration event with Final Fantasy XV. Noctis will be returning to Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and will be receiving upgrades to his current abilities in addition to gaining some new abilities. Joining him in the collaboration event will be three new playable characters from the cast of Final Fantasy XV: Cor, Gladiolus and Iris. Roy, Aura and Guromu, characters original to the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius universe, will be joining the ever growing cast of units as well. These characters will be available through "Featured Summon." Other upcoming updates include a triple increase to the drop rate for Permanent Rare Character rainbow crystals, which will begin November 24. This will allow players a greater chance to obtain rare units. There will also be special Black Friday bundle that will provide players with a 10+1 Summon Ticket, a 10% Trust Moogle, an equippable ability, and a powerful new weapon. This bundle will be available for purchase using