A look at the "Taking Aim" update in Marvel's Avengers

The first major update following Marvel’s Avengers release back in September dropped this week. It adds Kate Bishop as a new playable Hero as well as a new scenario “Taking AIM” that follows the conclusion of the Reassembled campaign the game launched with. This update comes at no additional cost to the base game.

The Avengers, in their efforts to combat AIM, reunite with Kate (voiced by Ashly Burch) and join her search for her missing partner Clint Barton. Mysterious tachyon rifts that affect spacetime have been appearing all over the globe (and in missions that started appearing last month) and the Avengers believe AIM is responsible. It’s a two-part story with Clint’s chapter dropping next month, as part of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics’ ongoing content roll-out.

Kate Bishop uses a bow and sword in combat, and as you might expect, has a lot of moves that take advantage of a close or distant range. She also has a heroic ability to warp to an enemy’s location and close a wide gap while dealing a lot of damage. Her abilities feel fun to play with, and in spite of the inability to fly, feels more apt to attack from a distance.

While a new hub has recently been introduced, Taking AIM‘s twist on content still leaves a lot to be desired. SHIELD Vaults, dungeons that require you to enter in codes while battling waves of enemies, merely add a third floor to the map, which doesn’t change much in particular. In fact, much of the scenario involves moving down corridors and areas that exist in permutations we’ve seen dozens of times before, and there’s little that feels fresh outside of Kate and the last boss in the scenario. Some updates have come to endgame exotics and items that folks playing this game regularly will appreciate, and there’s been a dearth of quality-of-life updates since launch, but there seems to be no solid, dedicated endgame content to sink your teeth into aside from repetitive Mega Hives or boss encounters.

While it’s a bit odd that a two-part story kicks off the post-launch scenario, leaving it feeling a little limp, it seems that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics intend to build titled updates focused around new heroes and stories that continue to build upon the game’s solid foundation. While the content design may not currently be enough to keep players engaged for more the short-term, there remains potential around these tangible, popcorn updates — they just need to have more “pop”.

You can check out our play-through of “Taking AIM” below:

Marvel’s Avengers is now available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Stadia. It is compatible with PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S.

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