Where to unlock new content and features in Final Fantasy XIV 6.51

The latest Final Fantasy XIV update arrives October 31st, and with it comes new content including the third Variant & Criterion Dungeon: Aloalo Island. It also includes a new map for the Crystalline Conflict PvP mode: The Red Sands. Furthermore, a new quest will allow you upgrade Splendorous crafting tools, and a collaboration event with Fall Guys will run until December 31st (and intermittently afterwards.)

Check out where to unlock this content below, and while you’re here read up on the latest information for the Dawntrail expansion as well as the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI crossover event.

Unlock Guide

Content:Quest Name:NPC/Method:Quest/Role Requirements:
Variant Dungeon
Aloalo Island
Stranger from ParadiseShallow Moor
Old Sharlayan
X: 12.0, Y: 13.3
• MSQ A Satrap’s Duty [6.1]
• Level 90
• Item Level 605+
Criterion Dungeon
Another Aloalo Island
Old Sharlayan
X: 11.9, Y: 13.3
• DUTY Aloalo Island
• SQ Stranger from Paaradise
• Level 90
• Item Level 640+
Criterion Dungeon (Savage)
Another Aloalo Island (Savage)
Old Sharlayan
X: 11.9, Y: 13.3
• DUTY Another Aloalo Island
• Level 90
Crystalline Conflict
The Red Sands
n/aDuty Finder Level 30
• SQ A Pup No Longer
Splendorous Tools
Quest Update
Dance Like Mowen Is WatchingGrenoldt
The Crystarium
X: 10.5, Y: 7.7
• Crafter/Gatherer Level 90
• SQ La Vie Mowen [6.45]
Manderville Gold Saucer
‘Fall Guys’ Collaboration
Just Crowning AroundLewena
The Gold Saucer
X: 4.8, Y: 6.1
• Level 15
• SQ It Could Happen To You [2.51]
Patch 6.55 — Mid-January, 2024: Main Scenario Quest Part 2, Manderville Weapon Enhancement, Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures, Tataru’s Grand Endeavor, Endwalker Tribal Alliance Quests, Island Sanctuary Quest
Patch 6.5X: Xbox Series S|X Client Open Beta, Final Fantasy XVI Collaboration


Variant Dungeon:

Aloalo Island

“In a forgotten corner of the south seas lies Aloalo Island, its lush flora and myriad fauna grown ever more bounteous in the years since it was last inhabited by man. This picturesque beauty, however, hides a doom all its own…”

Criterion Dungeon:

Another Aloalo Island

Another Aloalo Island (Savage)

“The criterion dungeon Another Aloalo Island provides an even greater challenge for a party of four. Gather your strongest allies to restore harmony to the isle’s shores!”

Enhancement Quests:

Splendorous Tools

“As the Boutique’s splendorous tools pave a brilliant road for Norvrandt’s trades to tread, Grenoldt and Chora-Zoi are keen to continue their pursuit of perfection. Yet the past weighs heavy on Grenoldt’s mind, and he means to present Mowen with one final proposal before their project is complete.”

Crystalline Conflict:

The Red Sands

“Stand ready to spill foes’ blood atop the Red Sands, but ware the threats that lurk below the scorching surface! Will you find glory in the heat of battle, or death beneath the desert sun?”

Gold Saucer:

‘Fall Guys‘ Collaboration

Tuesday, October 31 — Sunday, December 31, 2023

“The Fall Guys collaboration brings party royale-style excitement to the Gold Saucer. Harness your inner Bean to triumph over obstacles and rise above the rest!”

New Items & Rewards:

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