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Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness trailers straight out of TGS
What could be better than a Star Ocean 5 trailer? Try not one, not two, but THREE trailers! The game, recently announced for a February 2016 release in Japan, appears to be taking E3 fast and hard with these new videos showing of gameplay, combat, and characters. Enjoy them, and we'll have more as it develops!
Kingdom Hearts II.8 Final Chapter Prologue trailer at TGS
A somewhat extended version of the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue was put up by Square Enix right at the start of Tokyo Gameshow, which is currently in its opening hours. Scenes from Kingdom Hearts 3, as seen in the E3 trailer earlier this year, were spliced at the beginning as well with the familiar "Now In Development" teaser breaking up this segment from the 2.8 footage. The collection contains a fully HD and playable version of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, a movie tied in to the story of Kingdom Hearts Unchained X , and a brand-new playable episode of Birth By Sleep called 0.2 Fragmentary passage, seemingly following Aqua and her trek through the World of Darkness. More information on this new title is hoped for during this year's event, and many of us are waiting for clarification on previous leaks. From the leaked resume of a developer and a screen quickly corrected at this year's E3, we've all been wondering about a Kingdom Hearts "2.9", and the announcement of this new collection seems to lend weight to the theory that 2.9 will be a full set of the Kingdom Hearts HD collections on PS4. Some,
Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter E3 2015
We're about watch the kicking off of the e3 Live Lettter, and we'll be liveposting it below! You can watch the stream here: Watch live video from SquareEnixPresents on The Live Letter commences! First thing, the new Heavensward Trailer plays They begin by discussing the expected congestion of early access. They're planning to create field instances to reduce server strain. Like housing, this would create different versions of the same area. They haven't said yet whether it is temporary or selectable. Coerthas Western Highlands, Sea of Clouds, and another of the Coerthas highlands is planned to be instanced. You can still send tells to people in other instances. You can choose which instance you want to enter when walking or using a mount. They understand it may be frustrating, but it will be done to reduce crashing and login timeouts. Only heavily populated worlds like Balmung will see this implemented; It's not something they wanted to do, but they were worried about launch day numbers being too great. They have an "early access" graphic. Early access begins on Friday, June 19th, at 2 AM PDT/ 4 AM CST/ 5 AM EST etc. You must have an access code and register it on Mog Station in order to get into early access if you're
Final Fantasy Portal App announced, a combination news and resources app
The new Final Fantasy Portal app, coming to both iOS and Android, is part news site, part wiki, and part game. Apparently it will update periodically with the latest trailers and announcements, and it contains a variety of information about various games. 18185
Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Launch Trailer and Key Art
  A new trailer has dropped for Heavensward, with the game's early release period launching in a matter of days and a new Live Letter on its way during Square Enix's Day 3 event listing for E3. 18184
Square Enix announces a new studio, creating a new IP
Square Enix CEO announced the creation of a brand new studio within the gaming company called "Tokyo RPG Fcatory", which is apparently fully dedicated to the creation of Japanese-style roleplaying games. 18103
World of Final Fantasy will allow new players to connect to the series
Following up its reveal yesterday, Square Enix took some time during their e3 livestream to discuss World of Final Fantasy and what sort of game it plans on being. The director, Hiroki Chiba, has three major goals. 18100
Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness gameplay trailer
The 5th installment in the Star Ocean series received a new trailer for E3. The video reconfirms the game's commitment to seamless transition both in terms of combat and world. The developers talked briefly on stage about the game and said one of their goals is to destroy the notion that all JRPGs are movies with periods of gameplay. To that end and in keeping with the seamless goal, it sounds like most of the game's story scenes will be live-played dynamic events. It was also shown that more than the standard Star Ocean four-character party could partake in battle, and all of your active party members follow the main character around on the world map. The game was confirmed to be coming to both North America and Europe sometime in 2016, and the goal is to release it in Japan at the end of this year. More on this as it develops.
Kingdom Hearts 3 gets a trailer with live gameplay footage
After two years since the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III's development for both PS4 and XBox One, Square Enix have finally shared a new trailer with both a cut scene and what appears to be live gameplay. 18012
New NieR project announced
A new NieR title has been announced, although the game's subtitle is apparently "very much a secret" right now. The game has only just begun production by Platinum Studios, with Yoko Taro as Director and Atsushi Inaba as Producer. 18016