This Week in Events — Week 52, 2022

Collected below are the latest events posted by Square Enix social accounts from the company’s repertoire of service games, including limited time campaigns and content updates.

Check out what’s new this week!

Babylon’s Fall

  • Babylon’s Fall will terminate service on February 27, 2023.
  • 11/29 — 2/27/23: Final Season

Chocobo GP

  • Chocobo GP enters final season, no new content updates, removes paid currency
  • Chocobo GP Season 5 launches this week! From 22:00 PDT December 21st | 06:00 GMT December 22nd, you can log in to enjoy a new course, two new characters, and holiday-themed costumes! 800 Mythril will also be given out as a login bonus for all players once Season 5 begins. [12/20]

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

  • The Recurring World Heretic Quests brings two new Event Draws to #DissidiaFFOO! These draws feature Yuna’s new FR “Evening Calm Staff (X)” & her BT, along with Seymour’s BT & weapons for Palom & Irvine! As part of the Winter Festival, the first multi draw on both is FREE! [12/26]
  • Yuna’s extra costumes are now available for a limited time! These extra costumes feature Yuna in her Gunner dressphere outfit from FINAL FANTASY X-2 and her wedding dress from FINAL FANTASY X! These limited-time outfits are available until January 6 UTC! ✨ [12/27]
  • The Story Support Campaign is ongoing in #DissidiaFFOO! Players can obtain valuable resources for clearing certain points of the main story! Panel 9 holds a mystery reward that can be obtained once Pt. 2 of the Act 3 Finale arrives! [12/30]
  • Jack Garland from @fforigin arrives to DFFOO! Lightbringer allows his attacks to lower enemy BRV below 0, while Cyclic Warrior triggers Soul Burst on enemies with Break! Soul of Chaos’s BT effect adds extra HP damage to HP attacks on enemies with less than 0 BRV! [12/30]
  • The New Year Campaign in #DissidiaFFOO is here! Players can look forward to FREE first multi draws on new banners, special chocobo panel missions, New Year daily hunts, special FR missions, new and returning stickers, and more! [12/30]
  • Act 3 Finale, Pt. 1: Thirst of Chaos is now available in #DissidiaFFOO! The finale introduces Jack Garland from STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN (@fforigin) as a playable character along with his BT and FR weapons! Witness the beginning of the Act 3 Finale today! [12/31]

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai A Hero’s Bonds

  • Winter Holiday Present ⛄️ Get 4★ Soul Crystals of Gomechan (Winter Holiday) and Pinky (Winter Holiday) as presents! 🎁 Adventure with them in their festive outfits! 🎵 You can collect your presents from 12/24 at 10:00 pm to 12/30 at 6:59 am PST. [12/26]
  • Chapter 6 – The Sinister Star Crystal will be added to Bonding Journey on 12/27 at 10:00 pm PST! After collecting the three orbs, our heroes venture into the Temple of Rowy at last. Therein lies the secrets of Xevallo, Lord of the Void… Enjoy the story! [12/16]
  • Superior Being Hadlar’s Challenge begins on 12/27 at 10:00 pm PST! Fearsome foes await in this ultimate-difficulty quest! Complete it to earn incredible rewards such as Blue Gems and Armour Evolution Ore Exchange Tickets! ✨ Step up to the challenge! 💪 [12/26]
  • Rank Battle: Season 15 begins on 12/27 at 10:00 pm PST❗️ The boss of Term 1 is the Gem Slime, which is weak to Thunder and Shadow! Target its weaknesses with skills and ranged attacks, and don’t give the accompanying monsters a chance to recover! [12/26]
  • Chapter 6 – The Sinister Star Crystal was added to Bonding Journey! In Chapter 6, you can get Boom Scrolls as rewards from quests such as Episode 16 on Intermediate! 💥 Boom hits long-range across a wide area–useful for wiping out accompanying monsters in boss fights. ✨[12/29]
  • Ultimate Difficulty Quest: Superior Being Hadlar’s Challenge is now live! Superior Being Hadlar is an ultra-powerful foe weak to Thunder and Slash! [12/28]
  • The Fledgling Grand Sorcerer event begins 12/29 at 10:00 pm PST! Proceed through the event to add Popp (Papnica Outfit) to your team! Wearing new equipment, Popp can boost his own Magical Attack Power and Magical Critical Rate to deftly use a variety of spells. [12/28]
  • The Mage & Medroa Limited Treasure Hunt begins on 12/29 at 10:00 pm PST!❗️ The Winged Staff (Popp’s Medroa special move) exclusive equipment debuts❗️ Medroa (Popp) inflicts piercing magical non-elemental damage that can limit break and raises the user’s critical damage!💥 [12/28]
  • The Sagacious Staff (Matoriv’s Medroa special move) is also featured! Medroa (Matoriv) inflicts piercing magical non-elemental damage that can limit break and raises the user’s Magical Attack! Wield the power of the Extreme Annihilation Spell passed from master to apprentice.✨ [12/28]
  • Ultimate Difficulty Quest: Superior Being Hadlar’s Challenge is now live! Superior Being Hadlar is an ultra-powerful foe weak to Thunder and Slash! [12/28]
  • Term 1 of Rank Battle: Season 15 vs. Gem Slime is now live! Prepare a party proficient in Thunder and Shadow damage and go for a high score! Term 1 runs from 12/27 at 10:00 pm PST to 1/2 at 9:59 pm PST. [12/30]
  • The Fledgling Grand Sorcerer event is now live! Proceed through event quests to add Popp (Papnica Outfit) to your team! Adventure with Popp as he reacquires the Papnica Outfit, which he lost in his original world! [12/30]
  • The Mage & Medroa Limited Treasure Hunt is now live! Featured exclusive equipment: Winged Staff (Popp’s Medroa special move) Sagacious Staff (Matoriv’s Medroa special move) Paid Gems Only! Limit Five! 4★ Guaranteed Treasure Hunt x10 is also live! [12/30]
  • The Magical Attack Upgrade Soul Hunt is now live! Soul Crystals of Matoriv and Maam (Nayle Outfit) appear! Maam (Nayle Outfit) boosts Magical Attack, so it can be equipped on any of several allies who use magic! ✨ [12/30]
  • Happy new year! ⛩ To welcome the new year, all players get a present of 3,000 Blue Gems! 🎁 Starting today at 10:00 pm PST, an exclusive login bonus, missions, the New Year, New Me Quest, and more will begin! ✨[12/31]
  • New Year’s Presents! ✨ The New Year’s 4★ Weapon Guaranteed Free Treasure Hunt x10 and New Year’s 4★ Armour Guaranteed Free Treasure Hunt x10 are live❗️Each can be used once only for a limited time and guarantees one 4★ piece of equipment❗️ [12/31]

Dragon Quest Tact

  • Happy Holidays Tacticians! We hope all Tacticians have a safe and blessed holiday season! To celebrate this festive season, we’re giving a special login bonus of 3,000 Gems by logging in during the Holiday Season! [12/26]
  • As part of the WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS crossover event, Tacticians will enjoy a special Login Bonus! Log in during the event for up to 100 SP Scout Vouchers beginning with 40 Bahamut SP Scout Vouchers! [12/26]
  • Celebrate the WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS crossover event with a special Metal Card sale! This Metal Card will allow Tacticians to gain an additional 10,000 Tact Points alongside a bonus of 50,000 Gold! [12/26]
  • Collect Cactuar Village Passes and enter the Cactuar Village challenge! Clear stages to get Cactuar Cards and Stamina Herb Juice, as well as other items/materials you can use to train your characters. [12/27]
  • The A-Rank Cactuar has appeared in #DQTACT in the Bahamut SP Scout! This monster is infamous for lashing together individual needles for its 1,000 Needles attack which deals 1,000 damage to an enemy! [12/28]
  • Assemble a party of eight and take on the War of the Visions Great Battle! This score challenge allows Tacticians to compete with other players to obtain a higher score ranking and earn rewards like the S-Rank Armour Ribbon! [12/30]
  • Face off against Bahamut in the high-difficulty Punishingly Hard! Mog Shop’s Open, Kupo! Use Moogle as a guest character and clear each stage to earn the limited S-Rank weapon, Excalibur. [12/30]
  • The WAR OF THE VISIONS FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS crossover event Part 2 is now available! Tackle the Event Quest Chapters 3 & 4 and meet the Phoenix and Chocobo from the FINAL FANTASY series! [12/31]

Echoes of Mana

  • The “Pavlov’s Pursuit” event begins December 31st (UTC)! Clear quests to get event points to trade for grand rewards at the EP trader! Co-op recommended for Hard & Very Hard difficulty quests! [12/30]
  • Upcoming: New Year Maiden Harvest begins December 31st at 6:00 (UTC)! New allies 4★ Primm -New Year Maiden- & Duran -Valiant Dawnbringer-, and new 4★ memory gem “King Rabite” will arrive! Don’t miss these allies in exclusive designs! [12/30]
  • “Pavlov’s Pursuit” event now available! Clear quests to get event points to trade for grand rewards at the EP trader! Play Nightmare Mode difficulty for a new challenge! Clear the event missions to get high level EP, spirit crystals, and a trophy! [12/31]
  • New Year Maiden Harvest Now Available✨ Featuring new allies 4★ Primm -New Year Maiden- & Duran -Valiant Dawnbringer-, and new 4★ memory gem “King Rabite”! First 10-harvest half off! Harvest x10 and get a 3★ or higher echo on the 10th harvest! [12/31]
  • ✨Scenario Event “Pavlov’s Pursuit” Celebration Social Media Campaign has begun!🎍 Reach a total of 3,000 reactions on worldwide #EchoesOfMana social media channels & get Spirit Crystal x1,000! Reward is scheduled to be sent in-game on January 10th (UTC). [12/31]

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • Don’t get deceived by its festive appearance as Gingerbuff Man is all set on giving everyone the present of pure pain in new Clash Of Wills: Gingerbread Man of Unknown Origin! [12/26]
  • Assemble your favorite units and deck the halls with the new raid event, Get Ready to Crumble! [12/26]
  • What better way to enjoy the holidays but with the arrival of Cheerful Caroler Ayaka! Check out her skills ans summon her now! [12/30]
  • Enjoy the festive atmosphere as Silent Knight Charlotte is here to keep the peace! Summon her with higher rates than usual from 12/29 00:00 to 1/11 (start of maintenance) PST! [12/30]
  • Team up with Cloud Strife and his allies and fight off enemies in the new #FFVIIR event dungeon, Haunted! #FFBEWW [12/31]
  • Test out your skills by taking on the new challenge, Lord of the Train Graveyard. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to obtain rewards by completing missions daily! [12/31]

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier

  • Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will end service on January 11, 2023.
  • Planned Future Updates! We’ve prepared a notice that highlights the planned upcoming events. We hope you’ll enjoy FF7FS until the end.

Final Fantasy XI Online

Final Fantasy XIV Online

Just Cause Mobile

  • Just Cause Mobile’s global launch has been delayed to 2023.

Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link

A prototype test for Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link will be conducted in Japan in January 2023, with closed beta testing planned for Summer 2023.

Marvel’s Avengers

  • 🐺 You still have a week to earn the Winter Soldier’s ‘White Wolf’ Outfit through Shipments! 🎁 This Outfit – a gift to Bucky from his Wakandan allies T’Challa and Shuri – is guaranteed on your 100th claim. [12/27]
  • 🦅 It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Yep, nope – it’s a bird 🎯 A new comics-inspired Outfit for Hawkeye arrives to the Marketplace tomorrow. The ‘Werehawk’ Outfit depicts the Earth-616, undead version of the Golden Archer. [12/27]
  • 💫 Tachyon Anomaly continues for its second week in rotation as your limited-time event. Get in there and earn your gear! [12/30]
  • ✨ A new ‘Unhelmed’ variant of Cap’s Outfit from ‘Marvel Studios’ Captain America: The First Avenger’ is available now in the Marketplace! 🚨 If you own the original, helmed variant, purchasing Cap’s MCU-inspired bundle grants you the new ‘Unhelmed’ variant at a discount! [12/30]

NieR Re[in]carnation

  • Record: Covetous Grove is back! Get Akeha in her event-exclusive costume! Abyss Tower: Flooded Dungeon IV is here! Abyss Tower: Fivefold Unveiling is here! Abyssal Captive Summons are here! [12/26]
  • It’s hard to believe 2022 is almost over, but the End of the Year Campaign is here! Complete missions to get awesome rewards! [12/26]
  • Here’s a look at our campaigns for January! Don’t miss out! [12/27]
  • Introducing Mama Points! Collect them by completing missions during the month, and exchange them for awesome rewards! [12/30]
  • The New Year’s event quest, Record: The Wishing Space is coming soon! [12/31]
  • Record: Festive Fountain is coming back soon! [12/31]
  • Mama’s Choice Pack is now available! Stock up on some much needed items! [12/31]
  • The Paid-Only Multi-Step New Year’s Luck of the Draw Summons are here! Perform a 10x summon for free on steps 2 and 4! In addition, a New Year’s character is guaranteed on step 5! [12/31]
  • Holiday Dress Summons are here! This is your chance to get Fio, Marie, and Yurie in their New Year’s costumes! [12/31]

Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

  • No current updatesMeet Harley, a traveling harlequin bringing smiles to all he meets, is making his debut appearance in OCTOPATH TRAVELER: Champions of the Continent after the 12/28 update! [12/27]
  • In addition to Harley’s Chosen Traveler Guiding Light, you can also guide him through a STEP UP Guiding Light with Free Rubies! [12/28]

Romancing SaGa Re;univerSe

  • Happy 2.5 Anniversary! In addition to a thank-you letter (in in-game news) from Ichikawa, producer of the SaGa series, we also prepared gifts for you including free jewels and an SS-rank Accessory! Thank you all for supporting us! From: 12/24/22 – 12/31/22 16:59 (PST) [12/26]
  • With the holiday season still in full swing, don’t forget to make sure you’ve cleared the 2.5 Anniversary Round 4 Missions! Clear all the missions for rewards including 2,000 jewels 💎, Gold Pieces and more! [12/26]
  • The year is coming to a close and a new Romancing Festival is here to bring us into the New Year! Collect brand-new Styles including [The Tiger Within] Ciato, and [Year of Change] Rastaban, and [Perfectly Stylish] Ildon! [12/30]
  • Year End Celebrations continue with the Romancing Festival Asellus! Recruit the three new Styles [Happiness Ahead?] Asellus, [A New Year at Last] Princess Rei, and [Luck for the New Year] Mesarthim for your rosters! [12/30]
  • End the year with the Year End 2022 Boss Rush event! Take on mighty foes that gets stronger every time they fall with an additional Boss every day for the event! [12/31]
  • [Warmup for New Year!] Best Combo Community Contest! Try “Virgil’s Grading of Art 2023” and join our Best Combo Community Contest for rewards! See the details in the Participation Form and comments below! [12/31]


  • Events starting 12/27 at 8:00 (UTC+0)!
    • Act of Fusion: New Chapters Unlocked
    • Act of Fusion New Chapters Release Celebration
    • Co-op Guild Event: One Year Ends and Another Begins [12/26]
  • The following will be available after this maintenance. 2.5th Anniversary Pre-Fest: Vanguard & Rearguard Grimoire [12/26]
  • Events starting today! -Act of Fusion: New Chapters Unlocked -Act of Fusion New Chapters Release Celebration -Co-op Guild Event: One Year Ends and Another Begins -Act of Fusion: New Chapters Unlocked -Act of Fusion New Chapters Release Celebration -Co-op Guild Event: One Year Ends and Another Begins [12/27]
  • Events starting today! -January Featured Grimoire -Limit Break Grimoire -Guild Box o’ Grimoire: The Forgotten Records [12/28]
  • Event starting today! -World Trajectory: Rapunzel & Three Little Pigs [12/30]
  • The following will be available after maintenance. -STEP Grimoire: New Year’s Banquet -More TCs Promotion -TCs/SR Weapon Set -2023 Grab Bags [12/31]

War of the Visions Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

  • All worries fade away as UR Shadowlynx on Ice arrives in #WOTVFFBE starting 12/28/2022, World Time (PST)/(PDT)! [12/26]
  • Get ready! Story Part 2 Interlude, Scene 3 unfolds tomorrow! [12/27]
  • Enjoy this week’s festivities in #WOTVFFBE!
    • Up to 2,100 Visore from the Login Bonus!
    • Global Festival units reissue!
    • UR Starlight Elena, UR Ibara, and UR Esther Training Challenge Missions!
    • UR Shadowlynx on Ice Training Challenge Missions!
    • Interlude 2: Part 2, Scene 3! [12/29]
  • Take the spotlight in #WOTVFFBE with the new UR “With Swan-Like Grace” vision card! It boosts the party’s Sword/Spear/Ninja Blade/Gloves-equippable Main Job units’ Missile Attack Resistance/ATK/Critical Damage (when at Max level).

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